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Fire in the Night – Mentone Groyne

A long exposure image taken at Mentone beach just after sunset.

Mentone- Port Phillip Bay - sunset - Jim Worrall

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Sorrento Back Beach

Shortly before xmas I took the opportunity to snap some images just before the summer “silly season” struck Sorrento.
I’m certain that one day the Sorrento/Portsea area of the Mornington Peninsula will become so heavy with tourists that it’ll snap off and fall into the sea.
Until that day I’ll continue to enjoy it as much as I can.

Pictured below – A couple of long exposure images from south-east of the main beach.

Sorrento Back Beach - Jim Worrall - Australia - long exposure - ND400

Sorrento Beach - Jim Worrall - Australia - long exposure - ND400

Pictured below – Bay of Islands – Sorrento
Located a short walk from the car park at the end of Diamond Bay Road.

Bay of Islands - Sorrento - Jim Worrall - Australia - long exposure - ND400

An Afternoon at Sorrento

A selection of images from the photographically rich area along Sorrento back beach.

Below – “Her Outstretched Arms
The sun has dropped close to the horizon giving a warm hue to the sky and rocky plateaus. The vigorous surf is tamed by the camera’s long exposure time.
Her Outstretched Arms - Jim Worrall - Sorrento back beach - Australia

Below – “Sphinx
In the foreground the violent surf swirls under and around a rocky platform whilst in the background the iconic Sorrento Sphinx rock formation stares out to sea.
Sphinx - Jim Worrall - Sorrento back beach - Australia

Below – “The Call of White Water
Low tide at St Paul’s beach Sorrento as the surf crashes over the rocky plateaus filling one of the many natural pools.
The Call of White Water - Jim Worrall - Sorrento back beach - Australia

Below – Water continually cascades off the edge of the platforms as waves push across them.
Cascading water - Jim Worrall - Sorrento back beach - Australia

Below – A memorial on the cliff tops at Jubilee Point, Sorrento.
A sobering reminder of how dangerous this area can be.
Memorial - Jubilee Point Sorrento - Jim Worrall

Exploring Beachport, South Australia.

I visited the town of Beachport just prior to the summer “silly season”. This provided me the with the opportunity to explore the area without the usual crowds of holiday makers cluttering up the splendid beaches.

The town sits on the end of a small cape with one side facing towards the open ocean and the other side facing more towards the mainland providing a relatively safe harbour area and calmer beaches.

Below – Thar She Blows – a storm approaches Beachport from the ocean.
Thar She Blows - Jim Worrall - Beachport South Australia - storm clouds over beach

Below – Beachport Pier – located on the calmer east side of the cape, is apparently the second longest pier in Australia. You need a cut lunch and a sherpa to trek from one end of the pier to the other. 🙂
Beachport Pier - Jim Worrall - South Australia

Below – The Pool of Siloam at Beachport contains water which is claimed to be seven times saltier than seawater which makes floating really easy. The pool is fed by underground springs.
Pool of Siloam - Jim Worrall - Beachport South Australia

Below – Back on the rougher ocean side Post Office Rock at Beachport provides some nice wave action.
I lost a pair of runners and socks here to an unexpected wave.
The Post Office - Jim Worrall - Post Office Rock Beachport South Australia

The Grantville Goal Posts

Captured below, a long exposure image of the incoming tide starting to submerge the concrete boat ramp at Grantville on Westernport Bay.
Due to the long shallow nature of the ramp the “goal posts” are used as a guide by boat owners to help prevent boat trailers from being driven over the sides or end of the ramp and into the mud/water.

Below – “Moving the Goal Posts”
Moving the Goal Posts - Grantville boat ramp - Jim Worrall - Westernport Bay

Below – The boat ramp fully submerged with the Grantville jetty to the left and the sun shimmering on the foreground water.
Grantville jetty and goal posts - Jim Worrall - Westernport Bay - Australia

The trip to Point Lonsdale

The following are a series of images taken at Point Lonsdale at high tide.
Initially we went there in the middle of the day to try out some “black glass” ND400 filters. The idea was to shoot some daytime long exposures of the low tide water interacting with the exposed rock shelves. Unfortunately I felt a bit disappointed by the results, not because of the ND400 filter but because I had trouble finding satisfying compositions.

Upon returning to Point Lonsdale at sunset the tide was high and there was a bit more foreground interest and some colour in the sky. I managed to find these images a bit more satisfying.

Hats and Coats

Emergency Pants

Sunset at Point Lonsdale

Addicted to the Ocean

A snapshot of a fellow RedBubble photographer catching “last light” at Blairgowrie beach.

An Evening at Spray Point, Blairgowrie.

The following images were taken on an evening excursion to Spray Point / Montforts beach, Blairgowrie.
I’m never really sure where one beach ends and the other begins. 🙂

Tidal Trickle (below) was taken just prior to the sun dropping below the horizon giving some nice pinks in the sky.

Friends and Fatalities (below) is a long exposure shot taken just after the sun had dropped below the horizon.
The extended exposure time makes the moving water take on a misty appearance and blurs the clouds whilst the foreground rocks remain in focus.

The Unpredicted (below) is a long exposure shot showing water flowing off the rock plateaus after sunset.
Despite the deceptively calm appearance of the image this is really a potentially treacherous area with unexpectedly large waves occasionally sweeping across the plateaus.

Swanning around Westernport Bay

Here are some more images taken at various places around Westernport Bay, Victoria, Australia.
It’s always a lot of fun shooting around here at low tide. The beaches feature a fine grain sticky mud that slowly tries to draw you beneath the surface. With each step that you take you risk losing your footwear. 🙂

Taking long exposures is certainly interesting as the tripod gradually sinks into the silt.
This is just the sort of place where you should take emergency pants in case you unexpectedly sit down in the mud.

The following image was taken at Crib Point beach.

A Walk on the Edge

This image Barnacle Build was shot at Balnarring beach.

The following image The Threat of Punishment was taken at Grantville beach. All of the ground in this shot is mud.

A Black and White Journey to Grantville Beach

The following two images were taken at Grantville which is located on the eastern side of Westernport Bay, Victoria, Australia.
Low tide at the Grantville beach exposes a huge expanse of fine silty mud dotted with clusters of mangrove trees. On the day I was there the sky was filled with bright swirling clouds so I incorporated them into the photos as an added point of interest. Originally I envisioned capturing the scenes with a featureless blue sky but nature has a way of changing plans. 🙂

I’m been told by several people that the first photo below contains a face in the clouds, and ever since it’s been pointed out to me I see it every time I view the image.
There’s a word for this, ….and the word is pareidolia.

The Life of Brine

Battlers Three

Out on the rock shelves

The following three images were taken on an excursion to the rock shelves of Montforts beach, in Blairgowrie.
It’s an interesting place to be during the transition from high to low tide, as the water on the expansive rocky plateaus cascades over the sides on it’s return to the ocean.
Whilst here it’s important to be aware of which way the tide is going and also keep an eye out for occasional large rogue waves that sweep across the shelves. Prepare to get wetter than you expected here.

Montfort’s Cascades


Montforts Beach

The image below was taken at the neighboring Sorrento beach.
It’s a long exposure taken after sunset giving the oceans surface a deceptively calm and smooth appearance.

Blue Monolith

Light and Time at my Ocean Beach

A selection of images taken from two excursions to Sorrento beach.

Return to Primal is a long exposure taken after sunset. The true motion of the waves disguised by the slow shutter speed.

High Tide Sphinx is a slow(ish) exposure taken at high tide as the sun was setting behind the Sphinx rock formation at Sorrento beach, Australia.

Life in the Good Pond is a slow(ish) exposure taken at sunset. A polarizing filter was used to take the reflection off the surface of the rock pool allowing the scene below the surface to become visible. The blurring on the water was caused by the wind rippling the surface.

I Peek Around the Corner is another image from Sorrento where a polarizing filter was used to remove the unwanted reflection of the sky from the surface of the water enabling us to see the wonder below. In the distance on the horizon the Sphinx rock formation is visible.

Around the Sorrento Sphinx

These images were taken while visiting the Sphinx rock formation at Sorrento beach.
It was quite a windy day causing a lot of ripples on the surface of the rock pools so I used a long exposure (several seconds) to smooth them out and make the ripples disappear.

Behind the Sphinx – Sorrento

Sorrento Afternoon

December Hues – a Sorrento sunset

An image taken just after the sun had dropped below the horizon.
I had an ND8 and polarizing filter stacked on the front of the lens to to extend the shutter time and blur the waves giving a soft appearance to the water.

December Hues

Agnes – the rolling hills

This image was taken near Agnes, in Victoria’s Gippsland region.
In the cooler wetter months the hills are a lush green colour then they start to brown off over summer.

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Dusk at Sorrento ocean beach – some long exposures

A series of long exposures taken at Sorrento beach, Australia.

The Last Blaze

Aspects of Night

The Thin Green Line

Surge – the pants wetter

Droughts and Floods

An image taken at the very scenic Lake Glenmaggie area in Victoria, Australia.
The water level rises and falls dramatically according to the prevailing conditions.

Droughts and Floods – Lake Glenmaggie

The Path to Bushrangers Bay

Some more images taken on an excursion to Bushrangers Bay in Victoria, Australia.

Bushrangers Bay

Below – An image taken along the path to Bushrangers Bay.
Rolling hills, farmland and grazing cattle. Very relaxing stuff indeed.

The Bushranger’s Bovine

Burrabong meets the Bushranger

This image shows the Burrabong Creek meeting the ocean at Bushrangers Bay near Cape Schanck, Victoria.
Bushrangers Bay is a secluded beach located about one hours walk from the Cape Schanck car park.
The walking track winds it’s way through beach scrub, up and down hills including many stairs, and along scenic clifftops.
I would advise anyone taking this track to wear sturdy footwear as the path is shared with aggressive bull ants for much of the way, and of course there’s always a chance of encountering a snake sunning itself. Oh, and don’t forget a bottle of drinking water.

Burrabong meets the Bushranger.

The Chant of the Pulpit

A seascape image from Cape Schanck in Victoria, Australia.
The image features the well known landmark Pulpit Rock as incoming waves rush across the surface of the surrounding rocky platforms.

The Chant of the Pulpit.

The Last Post – a Sorrento sunset

End of day at Sorrento beach, Australia.

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Neptune’s Playground

A monochrome sunset shot taken at Sorrento ocean beach.

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The Shudder of the Touch.

A glorious sunset taken at Sorrento ocean beach, Australia.

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West of Mind

A monochrome HDR image taken at Blairgowrie beach, Australia.
The sun struggles through gathering storm clouds.

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