Australian seascape and landscape photography


Olinda – Ferns in the Dappled Light

I went to shoot the Olinda Falls today but the light turned out to be a bit too patchy and harsh. The dappled light streaming down through the tree-top canopy did however provide the right conditions to make a feature of the ferns.

Olinda ferns - Jim Worrall - Dandenong Ranges - Australia

Olinda fern - dappled sunlight - Jim Worrall - Dandenong Ranges - Australia

Ferns in dappled sunlight - Olinda- Jim Worrall - Dandenong Ranges - Australia

At the Edge of the Ocean

November is a great time of year on the Mornington Peninsula back beaches. The warming water signals an explosion of bright green seaweed on the rocky plateaus all along the coast.

Turbulence - Sorrento beach - Jim Worrall - Mornington Peninsula - Australia

Ebb - Sorrento beach - Jim Worrall - Mornington Peninsula - Australia

Pool - Sorrento beach - Jim Worrall - Mornington Peninsula - Australia

Plateaus at Sorrento - Jim Worrall - Mornington Peninsula - Australia

The Noojee – Toorongo Photo Trip

It was one of those spur of the moment decisions.
Chris and I took off for a leisurely drive intending to have lunch at the Noojee pub followed by an afternoon of shooting at the Noojee trestle bridge and the Toorongo River.
As it turned out things were very quiet in Noojee that Friday.
We entered the strangely vacant Noojee hotel dining room and spent a few minutes looking through the menu whilst hoping that they were actually open for business.
After a short time we were discovered by a helpful barmaid who ushered us into the bar area whilst explaining to us that the dining room was closed.

Pictured below – Dappled sunlight across the middle of the Noojee Trestle Bridge.
Noojee Trestle Bridge - Jim Worrall

After being seated in the bar area Chris and I both chose the beer battered fish n’chips for lunch. Perhaps it wasn’t the most “heart smart” choice from the menu but it was indeed very tasty and satisfying without being too heavy. 🙂
As we ate our lunch Chris and I would occasionally glance over at the only other occupant of the room. One of the elderly locals was perched at the bar with beer in hand and kept nodding off to sleep. He appeared to be very skilled repeatedly awakening himself just prior to losing balance.

Pictured below – A shot taken from the top of the trestle bridge looking down on the access road. I’ve applied an Orton effect filter to this image to soften it a bit.
Road to the Noojee Trestle Bridge - Jim Worrall - Orton effect

After finishing our delicious meals we visited the nearby Noojee trestle bridge. The light wasn’t particularly friendly that day as the morning clouds had dispersed causing a problem with harsh shadows and bright spots but we did our best.

Next stop was the wonderful Toorongo River. I always enjoy the scenic drive along the Toorongo Valley Road that leads to the falls.

Pictured below – The Run of the Rain. It’s great to see the river with such a strong flow and healthy green mosses and small ferns growing on the moist rocks again.

The Run of the Rain - Toorongo River - Jim Worrall - Noojee - Australia

During this trip I decided to try out the camera built into my phone and capture some images using an Android app called Retro Camera. It uses some interesting processing techniques to imitate old school cameras. A fun app!!

Pictured below – The Retro Camera interpretation of the Toorongo River.
Toorongo River - Retro Camera version - Jim Worrall - Noojee - Australia

Pictured below – A serene image from along the Toorongo Valley Road processed by the Retro Camera app.
Along the Toorongo Valley Road - Jim Worrall - Noojee

Pictured below – Chris checking her shots on the banks of the river behind the Noojee pub.
Image processed by the Retro Camera app.
Chris - AmbientCapture

A Trip to the Pointy End – Phillip Island

Over the weekend I did a quick reconnaissance trip down to the pointy end of Phillip Island.
The images below were taken on a stretch of unsealed road named “The Boulevard” which runs along the south coast of Summerlands and ends at the Nobbies. The Boulevard is a grand name indeed for what amounts to a narrow dirt track, however the coastal views can be quite impressive from here.

Pictured below – The view from The Boulevard looking west towards the Nobbies.
Looking west along The Boulevard towards the Nobbies - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island - Australia

Unfortunately for those of us who like to immerse ourselves in these kinds of coastal environments there is no beach access permitted. We’re reminded of this fact by strategically placed signs warning of penalties for such breaches.

Pictured below – The view from The Boulevard looking east.
The view from The Boulevard looking east - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island - Australia

Pictured below – a zoomed in view of the coastline. It looks like a fine place for a photographer to play.
Summerlands south coast - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island

When finished with the south coast I made the short trip over to the north coast to visit Cowrie beach. I’ve been here once before but I had some unresolved images in my head that I wanted to try to capture here. Most of the northern coast is photographer friendly, allowing one to get as close to the water as one dares.

Pictured below – Bull in a China Shop, one of the less sedate Phillip Island waves attacking from left of frame.
Bull in a China Shop - Cowrie beach - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island - Australia

Pictured below – A long exposure image using an ND400 filter, The Course of the Penguin, one of the many corridors used by the penguins of Phillip Island.
The Course of the Penguin - Cowrie beach - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island - Australia

After finishing at Cowrie beach I left the island and crossed the bridge over to San Remo on the mainland. As I was crossing the bridge I noticed some amusing looking stairs below, surrounded entirely by the water of a high tide. It appeared to be a stairway going from nowhere to nowhere.

Pictured below – From Nowhere to Nowhere, San Remo.
From Nowhere to Nowhere - San Remo - Jim Worrall - Australia

The day concluded with a delicious meal of fish n’ chips from the Fisherman’s Cooperative, …..what bliss!

Visiting the Silky Lady – Hopetoun Falls

The Hopetoun Falls is a popular tourist attraction located in the Otway Ranges in Victoria, Australia.
Pictured below – A View to the Falls – Just a short distance from the car park, visitors are treated to a tempting glimpse of the falls from above through a gap in the lush forest greenery.

Hopetoun Falls - Jim Worrall

A short picturesque walk down a path through the forest gives access to the base of the falls. Upon arrival at the base it’s very easy to imagine that you’d somehow been transported into a fairytale. It’s a dream location for photographers and indeed it’s difficult to take a bad shot here.

Below – The Silky Lady
The Silky Lady - Hopetoun Falls - Jim Worrall

Below – Peeking at the Silky Lady
Peeking at the Silky Lady - Hopetoun Falls - Jim Worrall

Below – In the Land of Fairytales
In the Land of Fairytales - Hopetoun Falls - Jim Worrall

Exploring Cement Creek

It seems to me that Cement Creek was dealt an injustice when it was first named.
Despite it’s odd name, it really is quite an attractive location and a fine example of lush Victorian forest.
Cement Creek in located at the foot of Mount Donna Buang, near the intersection of Donna Buang Rd and Acheron Way.
On this excursion we gained access to the creek by walking along raised platforms which got us most of the way, then we jumped the handrail into the forest to get to the flowing water. At this location you need to be prepared to get muddy and wet, so it’s advisable to keep a change of clothes in the boot of your car.
The main hazard here is the slippery moss covered rocks. A minor hazard is the hungry leeches.

South Gippsland hills

Images taken from a recent excursion to South Gippsland.

The Symphony of Harvest

An image taken near Mt Best.
Distinctive trails on the ground show the path of harvesters on the grass. The foreground tree is shaped into submission by the prevailing winds.
The hay bale in the foreground is highlighted by the sun shining through scattered cloud.

I Looked Up High

Image taken near Dollar, Victoria, Australia.

Agnes – the rolling hills

This image was taken near Agnes, in Victoria’s Gippsland region.
In the cooler wetter months the hills are a lush green colour then they start to brown off over summer.

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Roadside Falls

A small waterfall by the road somewhere south of Woods Point in hillbilly country, Victoria, Australia.
Roadside Falls

The Valley Hidden

Peeking through trees on the side of the road, a view of the Lake Eildon valley area.
The Valley Hidden

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Morning in the Forest of Ferns

Early morning in the forest of ferns.
As the sun rises higher in the sky, beams of sunlight break through the forest canopy spotlighting details in the foliage.

The Kiss of the Morning Light