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Exploring Cement Creek

It seems to me that Cement Creek was dealt an injustice when it was first named.
Despite it’s odd name, it really is quite an attractive location and a fine example of lush Victorian forest.
Cement Creek in located at the foot of Mount Donna Buang, near the intersection of Donna Buang Rd and Acheron Way.
On this excursion we gained access to the creek by walking along raised platforms which got us most of the way, then we jumped the handrail into the forest to get to the flowing water. At this location you need to be prepared to get muddy and wet, so it’s advisable to keep a change of clothes in the boot of your car.
The main hazard here is the slippery moss covered rocks. A minor hazard is the hungry leeches.

Milk of the Forest

An image taken from the Toorongo River near Noojee, Australia.


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Dance of the Silken White

This image was taken from the banks of the Toorongo river, near Noojee, Australia.
It’s a wonderful lush place to visit, it’s only real downside being the local leeches.


This image is available to purchase as a high quality print here.

Toorongo Falls – a view from the base

When no one was looking I climbed down off the official viewing platform and walked across a fallen tree trunk to capture this alternative view of the falls.
This image is available to purchase as a high quality print here.


Wet bum at the Toorongo Falls, Yarra Ranges National Park, Victoria, Australia.

The Toorongo Falls, in the Yarra Ranges National park, offers an excellent opportunity for those photographers who like to capture fast moving water over mossy green rocks.    The dense foliage overhead provides low light conditions well suited to long exposures, giving that silky smooth appearance to the flowing water.   Of course a tripod or beanbag is mandatory to stabilize the camera under these conditions.

The fun starts while trying to negotiate your way across the slippery logs and rocks to find the best vantage point for a shot.   My advice for the serious tog would be to take along a spare pair of pants, or even better, a pair of fisherman’s waders.   Both my friend and myself ended up with wet bums from unexpected sittings. Luckily my unreasonable fear of leeches remained under control.   😉

I’m definitely going to return to this site again in the future to explore it in more detail.    The following three images from the Toorongo Falls area are available as prints from my Redbubble site at –

Title – Shivers of the Green.

Title – She ran.

Title – Toorongo Torrent.