Australian seascape and landscape photography


Sawtells Inlet – Tooradin

The view across Sawtells Inlet, looking towards Tooradin Village.

Tech stuff – 10 seconds, f/13, ISO 100, 10 stop solid + 4 stop soft grad ND filters.

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Jim Worrall, western port bay, black and white, seascape, mangroves

Sailors Falls

Sailors Falls is a beautiful spot just a few kilometres south of Daylesford on the Ballan-Daylesford Rd.
We were lucky enough to catch the falls with a decent flow of water going over the edge.

Daylesford Jim Worrall waterfall

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Return to Shack Bay and Eagles Nest

Following are images from Shack Bay and Eagles Nest taken during an excursion with members from my Facebook group ND400 Long Exposure Photography.
Shack Bay and Eagles Nest are part of the Bunurong Marine Park located between Cape Paterson and Inverloch. Access to the beach is via stairs from the cliff tops.

Pictured below – A long exposure image from Shack Bay with the Eagles Nest rock formation in the background.
Jim Worrall - Shack Bay - Eagles Nest

Pictured below – The view from the end of Eagles Nest looking out to sea.
Jim Worrall - Eagles Nest - long exposure

Pictured below – Shack Bay looking back towards Eagles Nest.
Jim Worrall - Shack Bay - Eagles Nest

Pictured below, a series of candid images of ND400 Long Exposure Group members at Powlett River on the way back home from the excursion.
ND400 Long Exposure Group

ND400 Long Exposure Group

John Nabben

Jim Worrall - Powlett River

Jim Worrall - Powlett River

ND400 Long Exposure Group

Jim Worrall - Powlett River

Cormorants at the mouth of Powlett River

A one second exposure of cormorants drying themselves after fishing at the mouth of Powlett River.

Powlett River Jim Worrall Cormorants Sea Birds

A Sunset at Tooradin

A couple of images taken as the sun disappears below the horizon at Tooradin foreshore, Western Port Bay.

Pictured below – At high tide a mangrove sits semi submerged in the foreground as day gives way to night.
Sunset at Tooradin foreshore - Jim Worrall - Western Port Bay - Australia

Below – A view from the Tooradin jetty looking back upstream towards town.
Tooradin foreshore sunset - Jim Worrall - Western Port Bay - Australia

Storm at Powlett River

On the way back home from a recent excursion to Cape Liptrap we stopped off at the mouth of the Powlett River.
I had just enough time to catch this image before the rain started to pour down hard.

Storm at Powlett River
Storm at Powlett River - Jim Worrall - Australia

Marlo – Snowy River meets the Sea

A series of images from Marlo in Victoria where the mighty Snowy River meets Bass Strait.
The softening of the ocean waves in the background is achieved by the use of heavy ND filtering.

Snowy River - Marlo - Jim Worrall - Australia - long exposure - ND400

Snowy River - Marlo - Australia - Jim Worrall - long exposure - ND400

Snowy River - Marlo - Australia - Jim Worrall - long exposure - ND400

The Noojee – Toorongo Photo Trip

It was one of those spur of the moment decisions.
Chris and I took off for a leisurely drive intending to have lunch at the Noojee pub followed by an afternoon of shooting at the Noojee trestle bridge and the Toorongo River.
As it turned out things were very quiet in Noojee that Friday.
We entered the strangely vacant Noojee hotel dining room and spent a few minutes looking through the menu whilst hoping that they were actually open for business.
After a short time we were discovered by a helpful barmaid who ushered us into the bar area whilst explaining to us that the dining room was closed.

Pictured below – Dappled sunlight across the middle of the Noojee Trestle Bridge.
Noojee Trestle Bridge - Jim Worrall

After being seated in the bar area Chris and I both chose the beer battered fish n’chips for lunch. Perhaps it wasn’t the most “heart smart” choice from the menu but it was indeed very tasty and satisfying without being too heavy. 🙂
As we ate our lunch Chris and I would occasionally glance over at the only other occupant of the room. One of the elderly locals was perched at the bar with beer in hand and kept nodding off to sleep. He appeared to be very skilled repeatedly awakening himself just prior to losing balance.

Pictured below – A shot taken from the top of the trestle bridge looking down on the access road. I’ve applied an Orton effect filter to this image to soften it a bit.
Road to the Noojee Trestle Bridge - Jim Worrall - Orton effect

After finishing our delicious meals we visited the nearby Noojee trestle bridge. The light wasn’t particularly friendly that day as the morning clouds had dispersed causing a problem with harsh shadows and bright spots but we did our best.

Next stop was the wonderful Toorongo River. I always enjoy the scenic drive along the Toorongo Valley Road that leads to the falls.

Pictured below – The Run of the Rain. It’s great to see the river with such a strong flow and healthy green mosses and small ferns growing on the moist rocks again.

The Run of the Rain - Toorongo River - Jim Worrall - Noojee - Australia

During this trip I decided to try out the camera built into my phone and capture some images using an Android app called Retro Camera. It uses some interesting processing techniques to imitate old school cameras. A fun app!!

Pictured below – The Retro Camera interpretation of the Toorongo River.
Toorongo River - Retro Camera version - Jim Worrall - Noojee - Australia

Pictured below – A serene image from along the Toorongo Valley Road processed by the Retro Camera app.
Along the Toorongo Valley Road - Jim Worrall - Noojee

Pictured below – Chris checking her shots on the banks of the river behind the Noojee pub.
Image processed by the Retro Camera app.
Chris - AmbientCapture

Construction at Powlett River

The construction of the controversial desalination plant near the mouth of the Powlett River has yielded a temporary point of interest for photographers.
A large platform has been placed offshore to assist with the construction of the required underwater pipeline.
Although not the most beautiful structure in the world, it acts as a nice point of interest for an otherwise potentially boring background.
I’m in no way a supporter of this project but I decided to take advantage of the platform while it’s there and took a series of images from the spot where the Powlett River meets the ocean.

The idea behind the images was to use the lines created by running water and rock edges to draw the viewer into the scene towards the platform in the background. The images were taken in bright mid afternoon light using strong ND filtering to enable the exposures to be long enough to blur the water.

Below – Platform One
Platform One - Powlett River - Jim Worrall - Australia

Below – Platform Two
Platform Two - Powlett River - Jim Worrall - Australia

Below – Platform Three
Platform Three - Powlett River - Jim Worrall - Australia

Below – Mouth of the Powlett – Looking north-west across the mouth to the sand dunes, the waves crashing onto the rocks in the foreground just appear as mist due to the long exposure time.
Mouth of the Powlett - Jim Worrall - Australia

Below – a couple of experimental panoramic shots of the river and dunes.
Powlett River - Pano 3 - Jim Worrall - Australia

Powlett River - Pano V2R - Jim Worrall - Australia

The Beauty of Polly McQuinn’s Weir, Strathbogie.

The picturesque Polly McQuinn’s Weir is well sign posted and located a few kilometers south-west of Strathbogie, Victoria, Australia.
The weir features a spillway where water streams over a concrete wall and onto large exposed granite boulders.
The water then continues snaking around more boulders before flowing under a road bridge then traversing a gently sloped granite plateau before reaching a deep pool surrounded by native vegetation.
There are many opportunities here for the keen photographer.

Below – A long exposure of water cascading over the spillway wall and onto granite boulders beneath.
Polly McQuinn's Weir - Strathbogie - the spillway - Jim Worrall

Below – Looking back towards the spillway wall, water flows rapidly over and around granite boulders on it’s way downstream.
Polly McQuinn's Weir - Strathbogie - Jim Worrall

Below – In the days preceding my visit to the weir the area had received heavy rainfall.
I suspect this caused lot of the brown silt present in the water. This caused an interesting effect in the water with the deeper sections of the flow taking on a brownish tinge and the shallow sections appearing bluish during long exposure shots.
Polly McQuinn's Weir - Strathbogie - Jim Worrall

Below – The view from the bottom of the spillway looking downstream.
The silted water runs rapidly under the road bridge.
Polly McQuinn's Weir - the bridge - Strathbogie - Jim Worrall

Below – “Polly’s Overflow” – Looking upstream from the pool, the water traverses a gentle granite plateau then strikes some foreground boulders whipping the water into a frenzy before it finally enters the tranquility of the pool. This image is available to buy as a print at my Zazzle and RedBubble sites.
Polly McQuinn's Weir - Strathbogie - Jim Worrall - Polly's Overflow

Below – “In Search of Polly”
Apparently the weir was named after a young woman called Polly McQuinn who drowned here more than 100 years ago. Legend has it that the ghost of Polly can sometimes be heard calling for help from passer by.
Unfortunately I didn’t hear Polly on the day I was here.
In Search of Polly - Polly McQuinn's weir - Jim Worrall

Exploring Cement Creek

It seems to me that Cement Creek was dealt an injustice when it was first named.
Despite it’s odd name, it really is quite an attractive location and a fine example of lush Victorian forest.
Cement Creek in located at the foot of Mount Donna Buang, near the intersection of Donna Buang Rd and Acheron Way.
On this excursion we gained access to the creek by walking along raised platforms which got us most of the way, then we jumped the handrail into the forest to get to the flowing water. At this location you need to be prepared to get muddy and wet, so it’s advisable to keep a change of clothes in the boot of your car.
The main hazard here is the slippery moss covered rocks. A minor hazard is the hungry leeches.

Burrabong meets the Bushranger

This image shows the Burrabong Creek meeting the ocean at Bushrangers Bay near Cape Schanck, Victoria.
Bushrangers Bay is a secluded beach located about one hours walk from the Cape Schanck car park.
The walking track winds it’s way through beach scrub, up and down hills including many stairs, and along scenic clifftops.
I would advise anyone taking this track to wear sturdy footwear as the path is shared with aggressive bull ants for much of the way, and of course there’s always a chance of encountering a snake sunning itself. Oh, and don’t forget a bottle of drinking water.

Burrabong meets the Bushranger.

Visiting Silverband Falls, the Grampians.

Image taken at the Silverband Falls, in the Grampians, Victoria, Australia.


Milk of the Forest

An image taken from the Toorongo River near Noojee, Australia.


This is available to purchase as a high quality print here.

Paradise Gully

Looking upstream at Cement Creek near Warburton, Victoria, Australia.
A beautiful lush green environment well worth visiting for it’s photo opportunities.

This image is available to purchase as a high quality print here.


Dance of the Silken White

This image was taken from the banks of the Toorongo river, near Noojee, Australia.
It’s a wonderful lush place to visit, it’s only real downside being the local leeches.


This image is available to purchase as a high quality print here.

Toorongo Falls – a view from the base

When no one was looking I climbed down off the official viewing platform and walked across a fallen tree trunk to capture this alternative view of the falls.
This image is available to purchase as a high quality print here.


Serpent’s Haven – a nocturnal river scape

A nighttime river scape image taken at Port Douglas, Australia, using the Lumix LX3.
This image is available to purchase as a print here.

Exploring the Kilcunda trestle rail bridge

Some HDR tonemapped images of the Kilcunda trestle rail bridge, Australia.
There’s a wikipedia page for Kilcunda here.







Exploring the magical Powlett River

A rewarding excursion to the beautiful mouth of the Powlett River.

Image above – The Rush of the Powlett.
Just prior to the Powlett’s water reaching the ocean, the shallow flow speeds up, rippling at the surface and dancing over low obstacles.
The dunes in the background and the river bank on the right glow yellow-orange as the sun sinks low on the horizon.
Image available for purchase here.

Image above – Ripples.
Evening at the mouth of the Powlett River.
The foreground rock and background dunes lit by the setting sun.
Image available for purchase here.

Image above – The Magic Hour.
The orange glow from the setting sun catches the tops of the foreground rocks and the distant dunes at the mouth of the Powlett River, Australia.
Image available for purchase here.

Image above – Looking towards the end of the Powlett River as it meets the ocean.

Image above – Last Rays at the Powlett.
Looking out across the river mouth to the setting sun.
Image available for purchase here.

Image above – Near Journeys End.
The Powlett River nears the end of it’s journey as it winds it’s way through sand dunes towards it’s ultimate destination, the ocean.
Image available for purchase here.

Image above – Powlett Sunset.
The sun sets as the Powlett River winds it’s way through the sand dunes.
Image available for purchase here.