Australian seascape and landscape photography

night photography

Point Lonsdale Pier

A pre-dawn long exposure image of the pier at Point Lonsdale on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Tech details – 30 secs, f/13, iso200.

Jim Worrall, jetty, beach, long exposure, Bellarine Peninsula, dawn, sunrise

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A Hot Starry Night at the Shed

An night time image from semi rural Devon Meadows. The foreground is lit by the long exposure picking up light from a neighbour’s house. Stars are apparent in the night sky.

A starry Night at the Shed -  Devon Meadows

Playing with fire – Experiments with burning steel wool

Playing with fire, steel wool

This collection of images were captured during a couple of night time excursions by members of my ND400 Long Exposure group on Facebook. The patterns are created by igniting steel wool packed inside a metal kitchen whisk and then swinging the whisk in various ways to create the desired effects.
I recommend that if your interested in giving this a try you should wear protective clothing to prevent igniting your hair or clothes. Also stay away from areas of dry grass or bushes. A beach is a good place for trying this kind of photography. Have fun!!

Playing with fire, steel wool

Playing with fire, steel wool

Experiments with burning steel wool

Burning steel wool

Flaming steel wool - Jim Worrall



Art of the Orb – the beauty of nature.

One doesn’t usually associate the word “spider” with art. In my case I seem to be blessed by the presence of a very artsy Orb-weaver spider.
Each evening during summer the spider constructs an elaborate web between the house and a large tree in the backyard.

In an effort to capture the frantic web building activity I took my LX3 out into the backyard to see what I could catch.
The Orb-weaver was lit from some distance away by one of the house security lights.
I set the LX3 to an aperture of f/2.0 @ISO800 due to the dim conditions and caught the following beautiful movements as the spider hurriedly moved around.

orb1 - Orb-weaver spider movement - Jim Worrall

For those who might be curious and want to try this I shot these images in aperture priority mode. The camera selected a corresponding shutter speed of 1.3 seconds to suit my particular lighting conditions. The camera was also in “Dynamic B&W” mode.

orb2 - Orb-weaver spider movement - Jim Worrall

orb3 - Orb-weaver spider movement - Jim Worrall

orb4 - Orb-weaver spider movement - Jim Worrall

orb5 - Orb-weaver spider movement - Jim Worrall

In the final two images there is a bit less movement by the spider and you can start to see the shape of the spider.
orb6 - Orb-weaver spider movement - Jim Worrall

orb7 - Orb-weaver spider movement - Jim Worrall

An Evening at Spray Point, Blairgowrie.

The following images were taken on an evening excursion to Spray Point / Montforts beach, Blairgowrie.
I’m never really sure where one beach ends and the other begins. 🙂

Tidal Trickle (below) was taken just prior to the sun dropping below the horizon giving some nice pinks in the sky.

Friends and Fatalities (below) is a long exposure shot taken just after the sun had dropped below the horizon.
The extended exposure time makes the moving water take on a misty appearance and blurs the clouds whilst the foreground rocks remain in focus.

The Unpredicted (below) is a long exposure shot showing water flowing off the rock plateaus after sunset.
Despite the deceptively calm appearance of the image this is really a potentially treacherous area with unexpectedly large waves occasionally sweeping across the plateaus.

Light and Time at my Ocean Beach

A selection of images taken from two excursions to Sorrento beach.

Return to Primal is a long exposure taken after sunset. The true motion of the waves disguised by the slow shutter speed.

High Tide Sphinx is a slow(ish) exposure taken at high tide as the sun was setting behind the Sphinx rock formation at Sorrento beach, Australia.

Life in the Good Pond is a slow(ish) exposure taken at sunset. A polarizing filter was used to take the reflection off the surface of the rock pool allowing the scene below the surface to become visible. The blurring on the water was caused by the wind rippling the surface.

I Peek Around the Corner is another image from Sorrento where a polarizing filter was used to remove the unwanted reflection of the sky from the surface of the water enabling us to see the wonder below. In the distance on the horizon the Sphinx rock formation is visible.

Dusk at Sorrento ocean beach – some long exposures

A series of long exposures taken at Sorrento beach, Australia.

The Last Blaze

Aspects of Night

The Thin Green Line

Surge – the pants wetter

Images from Koonya beach

These images were taken on a recent dusk excursion to Koonya beach on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

Dusk is my favorite time of day for shooting, ……it’s certainly MUCH more user friendly than that other time of day, …….what do they call it, ….”dawn” or something like that. 🙂

Koonya Blue


Long exposures on the Mornington Peninsula

A series of long exposures taken at Sorrento and Blairgowrie beaches on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia.
These images were taken using the Sigma 10-20mm and Canon 17-85 mm lenses with ND8 and polarizing filters stacked on the front in order to slow the shutter speed.
Note – when stacking two filters on the 10-20mm lens the rim of the outermost filter becomes visible in the corners of the images necessitating a little cropping in post processing.

All of these images are available to purchase in various forms and sizes by clicking on their titles.

Blaze – taken at Sorrento beach.

The Glow of Last Light – taken at Sorrento beach.

The Pastel Kiss of Night – taken at Blairgowrie beach.

Welcome the Night – taken at Blairgowrie beach.

Koonya Isle – taken at Blairgowrie beach.

Through Angler’s Eyes
– taken at Blairgowrie beach.

Flying Solo – exposure after sunset

This image was taken at Sorrento beach shortly after the sun had dropped below the horizon.
The long exposure (30 seconds) smooths out the motion of the waves and gives the ocean a smooth, almost cloud like appearance. The pink hue is a remnant of the sunset.

This image is available to purchase as a high quality print here.


Serpent’s Haven – a nocturnal river scape

A nighttime river scape image taken at Port Douglas, Australia, using the Lumix LX3.
This image is available to purchase as a print here.

The Australiana Tree, SkyHigh.

The Australiana Tree is at SkyHigh on top of Mt Dandenong in Victoria.
The tree was apparently killed by a lightning strike several years ago then later sculpted by artist Leigh Conkie.

The two close up images of the carved tree were shot at night using the Lumix LX3 hand held at 1/30 and 1/20th of a second both at f2.8, ISO400. The tree was side lit by a large yellow spotlight.




The Thought of True Angels


The Thought of True Angels

Whisper the Night

The full moon pushes it’s way through clouds tainted by dust and smoke from Victoria’s bush fires.


Southern Rendezvous

A six minute exposure taken at night, aperture f11, iso 100 on Blairgowrie beach.
The long exposure reveals the apparent path of objects around the south celestial pole and also transforms the motion of the rough ocean waves into a soft mist.


This image is available to purchase as a print here.

The Reign of the Tranquil – night photography

This shot was taken at one of the many wonderful beaches along the Mornington Peninsula, Australia.
It’s a long exposure taken at night looking out at the ocean.
The long exposure smooths out the motion of the oceans rough surface giving it the appearance of a gentle mist. The rocks sticking out of the mist provide a nice contrast of texture.
The reflection of the rocks in the foreground water provides some additional interest.
The background light comes from the sun which long ago dropped below the horizon. When looking through the viewfinder this glow isn’t visible to the naked eye but the camera’s long exposure picks it up without much trouble.

This image is available to purchase as a print – here