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Sailors Falls

Sailors Falls is a beautiful spot just a few kilometres south of Daylesford on the Ballan-Daylesford Rd.
We were lucky enough to catch the falls with a decent flow of water going over the edge.

Daylesford Jim Worrall waterfall

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Visiting the Silky Lady – Hopetoun Falls

The Hopetoun Falls is a popular tourist attraction located in the Otway Ranges in Victoria, Australia.
Pictured below – A View to the Falls – Just a short distance from the car park, visitors are treated to a tempting glimpse of the falls from above through a gap in the lush forest greenery.

Hopetoun Falls - Jim Worrall

A short picturesque walk down a path through the forest gives access to the base of the falls. Upon arrival at the base it’s very easy to imagine that you’d somehow been transported into a fairytale. It’s a dream location for photographers and indeed it’s difficult to take a bad shot here.

Below – The Silky Lady
The Silky Lady - Hopetoun Falls - Jim Worrall

Below – Peeking at the Silky Lady
Peeking at the Silky Lady - Hopetoun Falls - Jim Worrall

Below – In the Land of Fairytales
In the Land of Fairytales - Hopetoun Falls - Jim Worrall

An Evening at Spray Point, Blairgowrie.

The following images were taken on an evening excursion to Spray Point / Montforts beach, Blairgowrie.
I’m never really sure where one beach ends and the other begins. 🙂

Tidal Trickle (below) was taken just prior to the sun dropping below the horizon giving some nice pinks in the sky.

Friends and Fatalities (below) is a long exposure shot taken just after the sun had dropped below the horizon.
The extended exposure time makes the moving water take on a misty appearance and blurs the clouds whilst the foreground rocks remain in focus.

The Unpredicted (below) is a long exposure shot showing water flowing off the rock plateaus after sunset.
Despite the deceptively calm appearance of the image this is really a potentially treacherous area with unexpectedly large waves occasionally sweeping across the plateaus.

Out on the rock shelves

The following three images were taken on an excursion to the rock shelves of Montforts beach, in Blairgowrie.
It’s an interesting place to be during the transition from high to low tide, as the water on the expansive rocky plateaus cascades over the sides on it’s return to the ocean.
Whilst here it’s important to be aware of which way the tide is going and also keep an eye out for occasional large rogue waves that sweep across the shelves. Prepare to get wetter than you expected here.

Montfort’s Cascades


Montforts Beach

The image below was taken at the neighboring Sorrento beach.
It’s a long exposure taken after sunset giving the oceans surface a deceptively calm and smooth appearance.

Blue Monolith

Roadside Falls

A small waterfall by the road somewhere south of Woods Point in hillbilly country, Victoria, Australia.
Roadside Falls

Visiting Silverband Falls, the Grampians.

Image taken at the Silverband Falls, in the Grampians, Victoria, Australia.


A visit to Splitters Falls, the Grampians.

Two views of Splitters Falls, the Grampians, Australia.



Shiprock Falls in Gembrook

Shiprock Falls is one of those poorly signposted gems that you could quite easily drive past if you weren’t looking for it.

Unfortunately the pedestrian track leading down to the falls has been blocked by a strategically placed viewing platform. To get the best experience and the best shots here you need to climb around the outside of the platform and trek down the hill to the flowing water. Here you can immerse yourself in the total experience of the falls, ….the sounds, the smells, the chill of the water.

For the more adventurous you can climb the rocks and scattered trunks around the flowing water to reach the top where it appears that the water is coming out of a slot in the rocks. Great experience and a wonderful view of the surrounding bush from the top.

A special thanks to Di Jenkins for introducing me to this place.


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