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New Fern Life – Sherbrooke Forest

A couple of images from a cool winter’s walk through Sherbrooke forest, Victoria, Australia.

New Life
Fern Sherbrooke Jim Worrall forest

A Stroll in the Forest
sherbrooke forest fern Jim Worrall

Olinda – Ferns in the Dappled Light

I went to shoot the Olinda Falls today but the light turned out to be a bit too patchy and harsh. The dappled light streaming down through the tree-top canopy did however provide the right conditions to make a feature of the ferns.

Olinda ferns - Jim Worrall - Dandenong Ranges - Australia

Olinda fern - dappled sunlight - Jim Worrall - Dandenong Ranges - Australia

Ferns in dappled sunlight - Olinda- Jim Worrall - Dandenong Ranges - Australia

Visiting the Silky Lady – Hopetoun Falls

The Hopetoun Falls is a popular tourist attraction located in the Otway Ranges in Victoria, Australia.
Pictured below – A View to the Falls – Just a short distance from the car park, visitors are treated to a tempting glimpse of the falls from above through a gap in the lush forest greenery.

Hopetoun Falls - Jim Worrall

A short picturesque walk down a path through the forest gives access to the base of the falls. Upon arrival at the base it’s very easy to imagine that you’d somehow been transported into a fairytale. It’s a dream location for photographers and indeed it’s difficult to take a bad shot here.

Below – The Silky Lady
The Silky Lady - Hopetoun Falls - Jim Worrall

Below – Peeking at the Silky Lady
Peeking at the Silky Lady - Hopetoun Falls - Jim Worrall

Below – In the Land of Fairytales
In the Land of Fairytales - Hopetoun Falls - Jim Worrall

Morning in the Forest of Ferns

Early morning in the forest of ferns.
As the sun rises higher in the sky, beams of sunlight break through the forest canopy spotlighting details in the foliage.

The Kiss of the Morning Light

Shhhhhh, ….you can hear the forest breathing – Sherbrooke Forest


Sherbrooke forest is a protected area of bushland located in mountains on the outskirts of Melbourne. It’s an area of fairly thick bush with a series of meandering walking tracks for visitors to enjoy.

jim worrall

The best way to explore the forest tracks is ideally alone, …. and as quietly as possible. Many of the forest’s resident animals are nocturnal but there’s still lots to see and hear during the day if you just stay still and quiet for long enough. You can forget about seeing anything much at all if you travel the tracks in a chatty group because the animals will freeze and wait for the noise to pass.

jim worrall

When I visited Sherbrooke forest it was a stinking hot day. . The pedestrian traffic along the track was fairly light, probably due to the heat, and this allowed me to stop several times along the track, undisturbed.


In this forest the animals are not tame but are somewhat conditioned to the presence of human visitors. If you stay still and silent for a couple of minutes, the animals seem to relax and carry on with their usual business. You start to hear the rustle of dried leaves as the animals move around on the forest floor and if you continue to stay quiet you can sometimes catch a glimpse of one of the wild residents.


Sherbrooke forest - Dandenong Ranges

On the day I visited Sherbrooke forest I was able to catch glimpses of wild kangaroos or wallabies and also a wandering echidna. I must admit though, that when I stepped off the track to photograph something of interest, I was very aware that this is also “snake country” and so I was careful to check where my feet were landing.

jim worrall