Australian seascape and landscape photography

The House of Pills – Bacchus Marsh

One of the tourist attractions at Bacchus Marsh is the old Chicory Kiln.
The kiln was constructed in 1885 and was used to roast chicory roots which were then ground and used as a coffee additive.
The front face of the kiln features a defaced advertisement for “Dr.Morse’s Indian Root Pills”, a product which was claimed by the manufacturer to contain ingredients which would “cleanse the blood”.
Cleansing the blood was apparently thought to be a good thing at the time as “impurity of the blood” was considered to be the cause of all disease. (Wiki)

Below – House of Pills
House of Pills - Chickory Kiln - Bacchus Marsh - Jim Worrall

Below – Perspective 81 the elevated door on the chicory kiln.
perspective-81 - chicory kiln - bacchus marsh - jim worrall

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