Australian seascape and landscape photography

Strolling at Seaford beach with the LX3

This morning I dropped my car off for a service.
With the knowledge that I’d have a couple of hours to kill I took along the Panasonic LX3 to see what I could find. After a leisurely breakfast at the local cafe I strolled down to the beach at Seaford and gave the LX3 a bit of a run in “Dynamic B&W” mode.
This little camera never fails to amaze me. Of course the image quality is not as good as a DSLR but to me the quality is certainly quite acceptable. I just love the LX3 for portability when I don’t want to lug around the DSLR and lenses.

Below – K-Nine. (paw prints in the sand)
Note that the background is blurred because the shot was taken at f2.0.

Below – Observer. (bench at the end of the pier)
Seaford beach - pier - Jim Worrall

Below – Gull.
Gull-Seaford pier-Jim Worrall

Below – Last Man Over.
Seaford pier - Jim Worrall

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