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Seaford pier – Up before the dawn

Images from a pre-dawn trip to Seaford pier with friends from the ND400 Long Exposure group on Facebook. We arrived in the pitch black of early morning, ….a VERY unusual time for me, ….and waited for the sun to rise.
seaford pier Jim Worrall

As the sun slowly rose behind us pastel colours appeared in the sky.
This image is available as a high quality print at Redbubble and Zazzle.
seaford pier Jim Worrall

A long exposure image from under Seaford pier.
seaford pier Jim Worrall
The morning was finished nicely with a civilized hot breakfast at the pier cafe. 🙂

At the end of Seaford pier.

This excursion to Seaford pier was a second visit. My goal was to capture an image that I’d had in my mind for some time but wasn’t able to quite capture on the first visit.
The subject of the image was a wonderful old wooden bench seat located at the end of the Seaford pier.

The Silent Partner - Seaford Pier - Jim Worrall
Pictured above – “The Silent Partner” is available as a print here.
I chose to use a long exposure here to smooth out the waves on the water and soften the clouds in the sky. This has the desirable effect of making the image less busy and draws the viewers attention to the wonderful grain and smooth worn texture of the wood.
Conveniently the lines of the bench also draw the viewers eyes into the image and towards a swirling cloud in the background providing a second point of interest.

Pictured below – “Observer” is available as a print here.
This is the image I took on the first visit. I like this image but it wasn’t the vision I initially had in mind. A local resident paid me the ultimate compliment by purchasing a framed print of this one.
Observer - Seaford Pier - Jim Worrall

Strolling at Seaford beach with the LX3

This morning I dropped my car off for a service.
With the knowledge that I’d have a couple of hours to kill I took along the Panasonic LX3 to see what I could find. After a leisurely breakfast at the local cafe I strolled down to the beach at Seaford and gave the LX3 a bit of a run in “Dynamic B&W” mode.
This little camera never fails to amaze me. Of course the image quality is not as good as a DSLR but to me the quality is certainly quite acceptable. I just love the LX3 for portability when I don’t want to lug around the DSLR and lenses.

Below – K-Nine. (paw prints in the sand)
Note that the background is blurred because the shot was taken at f2.0.

Below – Observer. (bench at the end of the pier)
Seaford beach - pier - Jim Worrall

Below – Gull.
Gull-Seaford pier-Jim Worrall

Below – Last Man Over.
Seaford pier - Jim Worrall