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Thunder in the Air – Outdoor Dunny

This is an image I captured during an excursion through northern Victoria quite some time ago. At the time I didn’t bother to post it in my blog because I didn’t think there would be much interest in it.
Boy was I wrong, …this is currently one of the best selling images on my Zazzle site.

Who would of thunk it?

Thunder in the Air
Thunder in the Air - outdoor dunny - toilet - latrine - thunder box - Jim Worrall

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The Mentone Groyne

The Mentone groyne is located on Mentone beach just south of the Mentone pub. In the past this groyne has been incorrectly referred to as the “Old Mentone jetty” by myself and others. There’s off road parking close to the groyne but unfortunately the local council here tries to screw you over with a three dollar per hour parking fee.

All of the following images were taken using an ND400 filter to extend the exposure time and smooth out the waves on the water.

Below – Running West – Mentone Groyne
Running West - Mentone Groyne - Jim Worrall - Australia

On the afternoon I visited the groyne it was almost high tide so these photos are only showing the very top bits of the structure above the water. Next time I visit I’ll be making sure I arrive during a low tide when the structure appears more like a series of small arches. I think that would be worth getting wet feet for. 🙂

Below – Charging into the Night.
Charging into the Night - Mentone Groyne - Jim Worrall - Australia

Below – an overview of the groyne.
Old Mentone Jetty - Jim Worrall - Australia

On the walk back to the carpark, some kind of territorial dispute erupted amongst these seagulls on a small rocky island just offshore. The image below doesn’t properly convey the ensuing ruckus but it was quite impressive to watch a little bit of nature’s drama playing out in front of me.

Below – Lord of the Gulls – ruckus on the rock.
Lord of the Gulls - Mentone beach - Jim Worrall - Australia

The House of Pills – Bacchus Marsh

One of the tourist attractions at Bacchus Marsh is the old Chicory Kiln.
The kiln was constructed in 1885 and was used to roast chicory roots which were then ground and used as a coffee additive.
The front face of the kiln features a defaced advertisement for “Dr.Morse’s Indian Root Pills”, a product which was claimed by the manufacturer to contain ingredients which would “cleanse the blood”.
Cleansing the blood was apparently thought to be a good thing at the time as “impurity of the blood” was considered to be the cause of all disease. (Wiki)

Below – House of Pills
House of Pills - Chickory Kiln - Bacchus Marsh - Jim Worrall

Below – Perspective 81 the elevated door on the chicory kiln.
perspective-81 - chicory kiln - bacchus marsh - jim worrall

The Forgotten Haven

A dilapidated farm house on the Bass highway, near Bass, Australia.
If only this building could talk.

The Forgotten Haven
This image is available to purchase as a print here.

The House of Lost Memories
This image is available to purchase as a print here.

Two bridges with character.

Here’s two bridges with character.         Both images were taken using HDR techniques to enhance the details on the wooden surfaces of the bridges.        The images were then converted to a weak sepia to enhance their character and lift them out of their surroundings.

Noojee Trestle Bridge, Victoria, Australia –

Don River Bridge at Panton Gap, Victoria, Australia.