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The Blue Hour – Bridgewater Bay, Blairgowrie

Pictured below, a pre-dawn long exposure shot from Bridgewater Bay in Blairgowrie on the Mornington Peninsula.

Bridgewater Bay is accessible via a short walk from the carpark at the southern end of St Johns Wood Rd.   Beach access is via a set of stairs.  The best time to visit is at or near low tide when the rock platforms are exposed.  Navigating the beach at high tide is problematic.

Tech stuff – 30 secs @ f/11

This image is available to purchase as a print in various forms and sizes here.

jim worrall, blairgowrie, mornington peninsula, seascape, long exposure

Pictured below, me shooting the bridge rock formation.  Photo courtesy of friend Jason Cincotta.

jason cincotta, jim worrall, mornington peninsula

Trolling around under bridges and piers

On excursions where I’m near a bridge or pier, my inner troll has a tendency to take control and drag me under.
Sometimes the results are quite pleasing. Strangely enough I often find the underside to be more photographically pleasing than the top side.

Below – “Gateway” the underside of the San Remo bridge.
Gateway - San Remo bridge - Jim Worrall

Below – “San Remo Bridge” the gateway to Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia.
San Remo Bridge - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island gateway

Below – “Dromana Downunder” the underside of Dromana pier. No trolls under here!
Dromana Downunder - Dromana Pier - Jim Worrall - HDR

Trestle Bridge Encounters.

Whilst on a recent photography tour of eastern Victoria I encountered a couple of old wooden trestle railway bridges, …….and who can resist a good bridge!

The Stony Creek trestle bridge (pictured above) is located at Nowa Nowa in Victoria’s south east.
Apparently this is the largest standing bridge of it’s kind in Victoria, measuring 247 meters long and standing 20 meters high. The bridge was made in 1916 and remained in service for over 60 years until it was damaged by bushfire in 1980.
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The two images below were taken at the trestle bridge in Mt Lawson state park, in Victoria’s north east.
The high timber bridge which was built around 1915 spans Boggy Creek and formed part of the now disused Wodonga – Cudgewa railway line.

The view from above –

The view from below –

Exploring the Kilcunda trestle rail bridge

Some HDR tonemapped images of the Kilcunda trestle rail bridge, Australia.
There’s a wikipedia page for Kilcunda here.







Two bridges with character.

Here’s two bridges with character.         Both images were taken using HDR techniques to enhance the details on the wooden surfaces of the bridges.        The images were then converted to a weak sepia to enhance their character and lift them out of their surroundings.

Noojee Trestle Bridge, Victoria, Australia –

Don River Bridge at Panton Gap, Victoria, Australia.