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Bore beach – San Remo

A wave explodes against rocks at Bore beach, San Remo.   To access Bore beach park at the end of Potters Hill Rd and follow the stairs down onto the beach.  This image is available to purchase as a print here.

Tech stuff – 0.8 secs f/8 ND400 filter.

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A Trip to the Pointy End – Phillip Island

Over the weekend I did a quick reconnaissance trip down to the pointy end of Phillip Island.
The images below were taken on a stretch of unsealed road named “The Boulevard” which runs along the south coast of Summerlands and ends at the Nobbies. The Boulevard is a grand name indeed for what amounts to a narrow dirt track, however the coastal views can be quite impressive from here.

Pictured below – The view from The Boulevard looking west towards the Nobbies.
Looking west along The Boulevard towards the Nobbies - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island - Australia

Unfortunately for those of us who like to immerse ourselves in these kinds of coastal environments there is no beach access permitted. We’re reminded of this fact by strategically placed signs warning of penalties for such breaches.

Pictured below – The view from The Boulevard looking east.
The view from The Boulevard looking east - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island - Australia

Pictured below – a zoomed in view of the coastline. It looks like a fine place for a photographer to play.
Summerlands south coast - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island

When finished with the south coast I made the short trip over to the north coast to visit Cowrie beach. I’ve been here once before but I had some unresolved images in my head that I wanted to try to capture here. Most of the northern coast is photographer friendly, allowing one to get as close to the water as one dares.

Pictured below – Bull in a China Shop, one of the less sedate Phillip Island waves attacking from left of frame.
Bull in a China Shop - Cowrie beach - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island - Australia

Pictured below – A long exposure image using an ND400 filter, The Course of the Penguin, one of the many corridors used by the penguins of Phillip Island.
The Course of the Penguin - Cowrie beach - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island - Australia

After finishing at Cowrie beach I left the island and crossed the bridge over to San Remo on the mainland. As I was crossing the bridge I noticed some amusing looking stairs below, surrounded entirely by the water of a high tide. It appeared to be a stairway going from nowhere to nowhere.

Pictured below – From Nowhere to Nowhere, San Remo.
From Nowhere to Nowhere - San Remo - Jim Worrall - Australia

The day concluded with a delicious meal of fish n’ chips from the Fisherman’s Cooperative, …..what bliss!

Trolling around under bridges and piers

On excursions where I’m near a bridge or pier, my inner troll has a tendency to take control and drag me under.
Sometimes the results are quite pleasing. Strangely enough I often find the underside to be more photographically pleasing than the top side.

Below – “Gateway” the underside of the San Remo bridge.
Gateway - San Remo bridge - Jim Worrall

Below – “San Remo Bridge” the gateway to Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia.
San Remo Bridge - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island gateway

Below – “Dromana Downunder” the underside of Dromana pier. No trolls under here!
Dromana Downunder - Dromana Pier - Jim Worrall - HDR