Australian seascape and landscape photography

Construction at Powlett River

The construction of the controversial desalination plant near the mouth of the Powlett River has yielded a temporary point of interest for photographers.
A large platform has been placed offshore to assist with the construction of the required underwater pipeline.
Although not the most beautiful structure in the world, it acts as a nice point of interest for an otherwise potentially boring background.
I’m in no way a supporter of this project but I decided to take advantage of the platform while it’s there and took a series of images from the spot where the Powlett River meets the ocean.

The idea behind the images was to use the lines created by running water and rock edges to draw the viewer into the scene towards the platform in the background. The images were taken in bright mid afternoon light using strong ND filtering to enable the exposures to be long enough to blur the water.

Below – Platform One
Platform One - Powlett River - Jim Worrall - Australia

Below – Platform Two
Platform Two - Powlett River - Jim Worrall - Australia

Below – Platform Three
Platform Three - Powlett River - Jim Worrall - Australia

Below – Mouth of the Powlett – Looking north-west across the mouth to the sand dunes, the waves crashing onto the rocks in the foreground just appear as mist due to the long exposure time.
Mouth of the Powlett - Jim Worrall - Australia

Below – a couple of experimental panoramic shots of the river and dunes.
Powlett River - Pano 3 - Jim Worrall - Australia

Powlett River - Pano V2R - Jim Worrall - Australia

One response

  1. Andrej

    The second and third pictures are beautiful the way the green, and the flowing water give a magical effect! Brilliant!


    November 17, 2010 at 6:08 am

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