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Life on the Dunes – Powlett River

Powlett River - Jim Worrall - Life on the Dunes

Cormorants and gulls resting at the base of huge sand dunes at the mouth of the Powlett River.

Cormorants at the mouth of Powlett River

A one second exposure of cormorants drying themselves after fishing at the mouth of Powlett River.

Powlett River Jim Worrall Cormorants Sea Birds

Island in the Mist – Mouth of the Powlett River

A daylight long exposure image from the mouth of the Powlett River, Victoria, Australia.


Storm at Powlett River

On the way back home from a recent excursion to Cape Liptrap we stopped off at the mouth of the Powlett River.
I had just enough time to catch this image before the rain started to pour down hard.

Storm at Powlett River
Storm at Powlett River - Jim Worrall - Australia

Exploring the magical Powlett River

A rewarding excursion to the beautiful mouth of the Powlett River.

Image above – The Rush of the Powlett.
Just prior to the Powlett’s water reaching the ocean, the shallow flow speeds up, rippling at the surface and dancing over low obstacles.
The dunes in the background and the river bank on the right glow yellow-orange as the sun sinks low on the horizon.
Image available for purchase here.

Image above – Ripples.
Evening at the mouth of the Powlett River.
The foreground rock and background dunes lit by the setting sun.
Image available for purchase here.

Image above – The Magic Hour.
The orange glow from the setting sun catches the tops of the foreground rocks and the distant dunes at the mouth of the Powlett River, Australia.
Image available for purchase here.

Image above – Looking towards the end of the Powlett River as it meets the ocean.

Image above – Last Rays at the Powlett.
Looking out across the river mouth to the setting sun.
Image available for purchase here.

Image above – Near Journeys End.
The Powlett River nears the end of it’s journey as it winds it’s way through sand dunes towards it’s ultimate destination, the ocean.
Image available for purchase here.

Image above – Powlett Sunset.
The sun sets as the Powlett River winds it’s way through the sand dunes.
Image available for purchase here.

Mouth of the Powlett River

I recently attended a meet-up of Melbourne Redbubble photographers at the lovely mouth of the Powlett River.         Apparently this area is proposed as the location for a new water desalination plant.

There is a lot of local opposition to the plant being built here, …you can get a sense of the controversy by googling the words “powlett river desalination”.

The area is indeed beautiful and looks completely different depending on whether you visit a low tide or high tide. Low tide reveals some spectacular rock pools and high tide completely hides the pools and highlights the spectacular surf and tidal forces. This place is well worth two visits but check your tide guides before going.

Powlett River mouth at low tide, …rock pools exposed –


Powlett River mouth at high tide, …the pounding surf and tidal forces become the feature attractions –


Redbubble photographers enjoy the scenery –