Australian seascape and landscape photography

New 2010 calendars available

Yes it’s that time of years again. I’ve put together three new calendars for 2010 and made them available through my Redbubble site.

The first 2010 calendar is called “Shades“. It contains a selection of monochrome and heavily desaturated images from my redbubble portfolio. You can view each page of the calendar in greater detail or purchase one here.

The second 2010 calendar is simply called “Green“. It’s a selection of my images from nature including landscapes, seascapes and foliage shots where the colour green is a predominant influence. You can view each page of the “Green” 2010 calendar in greater detail or purchase a copy of the calendar here.

The third 2010 calendar is titled “Water in Motion” and features images from my collection where the movement of water plays an important role in the composition and feel of each piece. A detailed view of each page of the calendar is available here.

Would you prefer a customized calendar? I can put together a customized calendar for you using your choice of images from my Redbubble portfolio. Simply choose 13 images, that’s one for the front cover and one for each month of the year, and email me with your selection to .
I’ll put the calendar together for you, making it available on Redbubble and send you a link to it. Easy !!

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