Australian seascape and landscape photography


Safety Beach Jetty

Pictured below, a storm rolls across Port Phillip Bay whipping up waves and sending them onto Mornington Peninsula bayside beaches.  This image is from the Safety Beach jetty.  Tech stuff – 0.8 sec, f/10, ISO400, ND400 filter.

This image is available to purchase as a print here.

Jim Worrall, mornington peninsula, port phillip bay, storm, jetty, beach

Pictured below, a behind the scenes shot.

storm, port phillip bay, mornington peninsula, beach, jetty



Queenscliff Pier

A long exposure image from the old Queenscliff pier on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria.

Upon arrival we couldn’t have wished for better lighting conditions.  The harsh sunlight was briefly softened and diffused by a large cloud bank sweeping across the sky.  🙂

Jim Worrall, long exposure, jetty, seascape, long exposure, ND filter

Tech stuff – 30 seconds, f/16, iso50 with an ND400 filter.

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Tempest Rising – St Andrews Beach

A couple of long exposure images from St Andrews beach on the Mornington Peninsula.

The image below is available to purchase as a print here.
Jim Worrall - St Andrews Beach - Mornington Peninsula - long exposure - black and white

The image below is available to purchase as a print here.
St Andrews Beach - Jim Worrall - Mornington Peninsula - long exposure - ND400

Bay of Islands – Sorrento

Pictured below, a long exposure image from the Bay of Islands on the back beaches of Sorrento. Access to the Bay of Islands is via Diamond Bay Road, Sorrento. There’s a small car park at the of the road. On arrival at the car park take the walking track to Diamond Bay and branch left at the Bay of Islands sign. It’s an easy short walk to the viewing platform.
Access to the beach is discouraged by Parks Victoria due to erosion on the beach, hence a short climb down is required from the viewing platform if you want a view from sea level.Jim Worrall Bay of Islands Mornington Peninsula Sorrento
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Pictured below – A phone camera shot of a storm brewing over Diamond Bay as viewed from near the viewing platform.
Jim Worrall Diamond Bay Sorrento Mornington Peninsula

Pictured below – A phone camera shot of the rain rapidly approaching my vantage point. The rain caught up with me before I could make it back to the car. 😦

Jim Worrall Bay of Islands Sorrento Mornington Peninsula

Sunset at Coronet Bay


A boat ramp at Coronet Bay creates leading lines to the setting sun.

The Beauty in the Danger

A dawn long exposure image from the Mornington Peninsula’s rugged ocean coastline.

cape schanck morington peninsula jim worrall

Ocean Rockscapes at Mossy Point

Following are a couple of long exposure images from Mossy Point near Broulee in New South Wales.
The images were taken in bright daylight using heavy ND filtering to slow the camera’s shutter speed.

Winter in Mossy Point - Jim Worrall - Australia - seascape - ocean - beach

Mossy Point - Broulee - Jim Worrall - Australia - ocean - mist - seascape

The View from Bushrangers Bay

The splendid view from Bushrangers Bay looking west just a few minutes before a drenching downpour.
Cape Schanck’s Pulpit Rock is on the horizon near the center of the image.

Bushrangers Bay - Mornington Peninsula - Cape Schanck - Jim Worrall
Click on the image to enlarge.

A high resolution print of this image is available for purchase at my Redbubble site.

Magic of the Phillip Island coastline.

Following on from previous posts I thought I’d share with you just a few more images from the Phillip Island coastline. I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface down there, …….there’s just so much beauty to explore and discover.

Pictured below – The Roost – old jetty remnants that serve as a safe roost for the local birds at Cat Bay.
The Roost - jetty ruins - Jim Worrall - Cat Bay - Phillip Island - Australia

Pictured below – Evidence of Life – a soft misty view of some wonderful wave action off Cowrie beach.
Evidence of Life - Cowrie beach - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island - Australia

Pictured below – The Long Swim Home – another view from Cowrie beach looking towards the Nobbies in the background.
The Long Swim Home - Jim Worrall - Cowrie beach - Phillip Island - Australia

Pictured below – Pyramid Rock, taken in strong windy and wet conditions from a vantage point ahead of the lookout area.
Pyramid Rock - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island - Australia

In Lieu of Rapture

I’m dedicating this image to the recent passing of Rapture Day, May 2011.
Never has such a silly idea generated so much noise in the media and on social networks.

Pictured below – In Lieu of Rapture.
In Lieu of Rapture - Jim Worrall - celebrating the passing of Rapture Day

The image was captured at Cat Bay on Phillip Island.

The Window of Opportunity – Grantville Beach.

Amongst the photographic gems that Grantville beach makes available to photographers is a set of 3 rows of short pylons.
No doubt these pylons are the remains of an old jetty but they differentiate themselves from other such sites in a couple of interesting ways. Firstly, it’s unusual to see 3 rows of pylons like this. Most old jetties leave behind only two rows of pylons.
Secondly the pylons are extremely short here, with most of them extending from the muddy base by only a few short inches.

The short stature of these pylons provides photographers with an interesting challenge. At high tide the pylons are invisible as they’re completely submerged by water, and at low tide they’re an awful looking series of posts sitting in mud.
The challenge for the photographer is to arrive at the site during a narrow window of opportunity whilst the tidal transition ideally has all of the pylons surrounded by water around their bases and yet not enough water to make them shorten or disappear below the surface.

Below – “Runway to the Afterlife
Runway to the Afterlife - Jim Worrall - Grantville - jetty pylons
On my first visit to the site I was extremely lucky and caught the tide at just the right height. I wasn’t aware of how elusive these pylons could be until subsequent visits, hoping to catch the pylons in a different light, I haven’t been fortunate enough to arrive at the right time. 😦

Below – “Mortality” an image taken near the pylons on a different evening. The dark brooding sky sets the mood of the image. In the foreground lays a dead jellyfish, stranded by the outgoing tide.
Mortality - Jim Worrall - Grantville - jellyfish

Below – “Deep Creek Reflections“, also near the pylons Deep Creek enters the Westernport Bay.
Deep Creek Reflections - Jim Worrall - Grantville - Westernport Bay

Contrasts – Views from Jam Jerrup

Contrasting views from the beach at Jam Jerrup, Victoria, Australia.
It’s interesting to see how different a location can appear under different light and tidal conditions. This is exactly the reason why I like to return to the same places many times.

Below – “Aspirations” is a minimalistic long exposure image taken at high tide.
Aspirations - Jam Jerrup - Jim Worrall - Westernport Bay - seascape - long exposure

Below – “Blunderbuss” is a wider view of the same area taken at low tide with some more drama taking place in the clouds.
Blunderbuss - Jam Jerrup - Jim Worrall - Australia - Westernport Bay

Below – “Exploring the Meme” is the boat ramp and single post at Jam Jerrup.
Exploring the Meme - Jam Jerrup - Jim Worrall - Westernport Bay - Australia

A Photo Exploration of Grantville beach.

I visited Grantville the day after Victoria had been hammered by unusually high rainfall.
Apparently the extreme rainfall was a side effect of cyclone Yasi’s passage across Queensland and into central Australia.
With the worst of the rain over, the day provided some beautiful photographic conditions with the sun filtered through an interesting arrangement of constantly changing storm clouds.

I love the beach down this way. Each time I visit here I discover something new.
Before I discovered photography I would never have guessed that I would find storm water drains interesting. 🙂

Below – “Purge” a storm water drain running into Westernport Bay.
Purge - Jim Worrall - Grantville - Westernport Bay - beach - drain - hdr - long exposure
For those who are interested in the technical details, the drain images are constructed using HDR tone mapping techniques. The long exposures were achieved using a combination of ND400 and ND8 filters on the end of the lens to smooth the waves on the water.

Below – “Running from the Idols” – another drain dumping water into Westernport Bay.
Running from the Idols - Jim Worrall -  Grantville - Westernport Bay - beach - long exposure - HDR

Below – A long exposure self portrait, standing at the end of the Grantville jetty.
Grantville Jetty - Jim Worrall - self portrait - Westernport Bay

Below – “Grantville Jetty” – a view from the jetty looking out towards the boat ramp marker posts.
Grantville Jetty - Jim Worrall - Westernport Bay - pier

Below – “After the Rains” – a long exposure image from Grantville beach as rain clouds exit. An old boat trailer sits semi-submerged in the foreground.
After the Rains - Jim Worrall - Grantville - beach - Westernport Bay - Australia - long exposure

Exploring Beachport, South Australia.

I visited the town of Beachport just prior to the summer “silly season”. This provided me the with the opportunity to explore the area without the usual crowds of holiday makers cluttering up the splendid beaches.

The town sits on the end of a small cape with one side facing towards the open ocean and the other side facing more towards the mainland providing a relatively safe harbour area and calmer beaches.

Below – Thar She Blows – a storm approaches Beachport from the ocean.
Thar She Blows - Jim Worrall - Beachport South Australia - storm clouds over beach

Below – Beachport Pier – located on the calmer east side of the cape, is apparently the second longest pier in Australia. You need a cut lunch and a sherpa to trek from one end of the pier to the other. 🙂
Beachport Pier - Jim Worrall - South Australia

Below – The Pool of Siloam at Beachport contains water which is claimed to be seven times saltier than seawater which makes floating really easy. The pool is fed by underground springs.
Pool of Siloam - Jim Worrall - Beachport South Australia

Below – Back on the rougher ocean side Post Office Rock at Beachport provides some nice wave action.
I lost a pair of runners and socks here to an unexpected wave.
The Post Office - Jim Worrall - Post Office Rock Beachport South Australia

The Water is Back – Meningie

Following are a few images from Meningie, on the banks of Lake Albert in South Australia taken in December last year (2010).
I was told by the Bev at the Lake Albert Motel that the lake has only recently recovered from the drought. Apparently for some time there wasn’t water anywhere near the jetty pictured below.

Below – Traces – Meningie, South Australia, Lake Albert.
Traces - Jim Worrall - Meningie - Lake Albert - South Australia - jetty

Below – Rise and Fall – Meningie, South Australia, Lake Albert.
I have no idea what those posts are doing out there in the water.
(Update – 31-01-11 Bev at the Lake Albert Motel has informed me that the posts in the water are there to provide a roost for the local pelicans. That makes sense.)
Rise and Fall - Jim Worrall - Meningie - South Australia - Lake Albert

Below – Aspects of Abundance Meningie, South Australia, Lake Albert.
Pelican roosting posts.
Aspects of Abundance - Jim Worrall - Meningie - South Australia - Lake Albert

Below – Meningie Some wonderful action going on in the clouds here.
Meningie - Jim Worrall - South Australia - Lake Albert

Below – Unbreakable – The second most sturdy piece of outdoor furniture I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting on.
Unbreakable - Jim Worrall - Meningie - South Australia

Slowly submerging in Tooradin

The coastal village of Tooradin is located on the shores of Westernport Bay, Victoria, Australia.
Since I live fairly close to Tooradin I often pick up a hot pie and a cappuccino from the wonderful bakery here and drive down to the jetty area for a relaxing break.

Tooradin has two jetties right next to each other. One jetty is of a floating pontoon design which rides on the surface of the water, rising and falling as the tides change. The other jetty is the usual kind consisting of a raised platform fixed to sturdy wooden pillars.
An interesting thing about the fixed platform jetty is that the platform gradually disappears below the surface of the water as the tide rises. This provides the photographer with some interesting possibilities.

Below – the rising tide starts to envelope the platform.
Tooradin jetty - Jim Worrall pier westernport bay

Standing on this jetty makes one feel like a captain going down with his ship.
Below – “Channel” which is available to purchase as a print here.
The platform is just a few centimeters below the surface.
Tooradin jetty pier Jim Worrall

After taking a few long exposures at the jetty mother nature decided to give me a nudge. The thick black storm clouds opened up and sent down a barrage of hail to chase me back to the car.

Below – Run from the Hail
Run from the Hail - Jim Worrall - Tooradin jetty - westernport bay

West – along the coast

Following is a short series of seascape images taken on a recent trip along the Victorian/South Australian coastline.
Below – The Great Ocean Road – just south of Lorne, Victoria, Australia.
Notice the skid marks on the road at the bend, …this road is a popular tourist route attracting visitors from all over the world.
Some of these visitors unfortunately forget that we drive on the left side of the road in Australia. This causes all sorts of drama.
Great Ocean Road - Jim Worrall

Below – Along the Edge – A view of the incoming storm from the lookout at Glenaire, Victoria, Australia.
Glenaire seascape beach - Jim Worrall

Below – Bay of Martyrs – A long exposure image from down on the beach at the Bay of Martyrs, on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. I was attracted by the unusual shapes that the ocean had managed to create with the foreground rocks here.
Bay of Martyrs beach seascape - Jim Worrall

Below – Storm at Port Campbell Pier – a long exposure image made during a stormy morning at Port Campbell pier. This pier really has quite a hard life being continually hammered by waves from the open ocean.
Port Campbell pier storm - Jim Worrall

Below – Johanna’s Morn – The morning sun starts to warm the sands of Johanna beach, Victoria, Australia.
Johanna's beach - Jim Worrall

Below – Her Deceptive Charm – A long exposure image from Cape Northumberland in South Australia.
The waves were really ripping into the rocks here, …….although the image looks deceptively calm due to the long exposure time.
Cape Northumberland in South Australia, photo, Jim Worrall

Below – At Ocean’s Edge – On the beach at Cape Northumberland, South Australia.
Cape Northumberland beach - Jim Worrall

A storm rolls over Port Phillip Bay

Following are 3 images taken yesterday at Ricketts Point, Beaumaris, as a storm rolled across the bay.
The apparent power and turbulence of the clouds in the sky is mirrored by the motion and ferocity of the water. It was an invigorating place to be.

Tempest over the Ocean – Blairgowrie

This is a reworked version of one of my first images posted to Redbubble. I’ve finally had time to tweak it the way I way I like it.
It was a taken on the beach at Blairgowrie as a storm was rolling in from the ocean. It was an amazing storm to see, …dark swirling clouds, lightning, halos formed by the sun shining through sheets of rain, ….marvelous stuff !
Tempest over the Ocean – Blairgowrie
Tempest Over the Ocean - Blairgowrie - Jim Worrall - Mornington Peninsula - Australia

Tempest over the Ocean is available as a high quality print at my Zazzle and RedBubble websites.