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Safety Beach Jetty

Pictured below, a storm rolls across Port Phillip Bay whipping up waves and sending them onto Mornington Peninsula bayside beaches.  This image is from the Safety Beach jetty.  Tech stuff – 0.8 sec, f/10, ISO400, ND400 filter.

This image is available to purchase as a print here.

Jim Worrall, mornington peninsula, port phillip bay, storm, jetty, beach

Pictured below, a behind the scenes shot.

storm, port phillip bay, mornington peninsula, beach, jetty



Magic of the Phillip Island coastline.

Following on from previous posts I thought I’d share with you just a few more images from the Phillip Island coastline. I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface down there, …….there’s just so much beauty to explore and discover.

Pictured below – The Roost – old jetty remnants that serve as a safe roost for the local birds at Cat Bay.
The Roost - jetty ruins - Jim Worrall - Cat Bay - Phillip Island - Australia

Pictured below – Evidence of Life – a soft misty view of some wonderful wave action off Cowrie beach.
Evidence of Life - Cowrie beach - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island - Australia

Pictured below – The Long Swim Home – another view from Cowrie beach looking towards the Nobbies in the background.
The Long Swim Home - Jim Worrall - Cowrie beach - Phillip Island - Australia

Pictured below – Pyramid Rock, taken in strong windy and wet conditions from a vantage point ahead of the lookout area.
Pyramid Rock - Jim Worrall - Phillip Island - Australia

In Lieu of Rapture

I’m dedicating this image to the recent passing of Rapture Day, May 2011.
Never has such a silly idea generated so much noise in the media and on social networks.

Pictured below – In Lieu of Rapture.
In Lieu of Rapture - Jim Worrall - celebrating the passing of Rapture Day

The image was captured at Cat Bay on Phillip Island.

Slowly submerging in Tooradin

The coastal village of Tooradin is located on the shores of Westernport Bay, Victoria, Australia.
Since I live fairly close to Tooradin I often pick up a hot pie and a cappuccino from the wonderful bakery here and drive down to the jetty area for a relaxing break.

Tooradin has two jetties right next to each other. One jetty is of a floating pontoon design which rides on the surface of the water, rising and falling as the tides change. The other jetty is the usual kind consisting of a raised platform fixed to sturdy wooden pillars.
An interesting thing about the fixed platform jetty is that the platform gradually disappears below the surface of the water as the tide rises. This provides the photographer with some interesting possibilities.

Below – the rising tide starts to envelope the platform.
Tooradin jetty - Jim Worrall pier westernport bay

Standing on this jetty makes one feel like a captain going down with his ship.
Below – “Channel” which is available to purchase as a print here.
The platform is just a few centimeters below the surface.
Tooradin jetty pier Jim Worrall

After taking a few long exposures at the jetty mother nature decided to give me a nudge. The thick black storm clouds opened up and sent down a barrage of hail to chase me back to the car.

Below – Run from the Hail
Run from the Hail - Jim Worrall - Tooradin jetty - westernport bay

A storm rolls over Port Phillip Bay

Following are 3 images taken yesterday at Ricketts Point, Beaumaris, as a storm rolled across the bay.
The apparent power and turbulence of the clouds in the sky is mirrored by the motion and ferocity of the water. It was an invigorating place to be.

Tempest over the Ocean – Blairgowrie

This is a reworked version of one of my first images posted to Redbubble. I’ve finally had time to tweak it the way I way I like it.
It was a taken on the beach at Blairgowrie as a storm was rolling in from the ocean. It was an amazing storm to see, …dark swirling clouds, lightning, halos formed by the sun shining through sheets of rain, ….marvelous stuff !
Tempest over the Ocean – Blairgowrie
Tempest Over the Ocean - Blairgowrie - Jim Worrall - Mornington Peninsula - Australia

Tempest over the Ocean is available as a high quality print at my Zazzle and RedBubble websites.

Thunder and halos at Blairgowrie ocean beach.

The return to Blairgowrie beach was everything I could hope for. I timed the visit to coincide with the low tide late in the afternoon, and as a bonus a thunderstorm happened to roll in off the ocean with a vengeance.

As I stood exposed on the beach to take this photo I was reminded of what a precarious situation this was. There were occasional bursts of lightning coming from the low dark clouds striking the water. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture a lightning strike with the camera but the view of the clouds was magnificent.

Thor’s fury

As the main part of the storm passed over head the rain poured down heavily and I managed to shelter my camera gear and most of my body by huddling against a large rock. As the rain began to ease gaps appeared in the clouds allowing scattered sunlight through creating wonderful light shows including halos and misty streaks.

Tempest over the ocean


View from the rocks

Changing conditions

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