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Lake King, Metung – A sense of Serenity

A few images from the beautiful Lake King at Metung in Victoria.
The silence of the motionless lake waters only occasionally broken by the sound of a cormorant diving for fish.
Serenity at it’s best. I’m coming back here again!

Metung - Lake King - Jim Worrall - Australia

Metung - Lake King - Jim Worrall - Australia

Metung - Lake King - Cormorant - Jim Worrall

Metung - Lake King - Jim Worrall

Droughts and Floods

An image taken at the very scenic Lake Glenmaggie area in Victoria, Australia.
The water level rises and falls dramatically according to the prevailing conditions.

Droughts and Floods – Lake Glenmaggie

Sounds of the Undine

A black and white rendition of a recent shot of the lake at Bonnie Doon, Victoria, Australia.

Sounds of the Undine

Voice of the Ondine – Bonnie Doon

Yet another image from the lovely Bonnie Doon area in Victoria, Australia, this time showing some actual water covering some of the lake bed.

Voice of the Ondine – Bonnie Doon