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Halo – Grantville Boat Ramp

A sun halo as seen from the end of Grantville boat ramp at low tide.

A description of how the sun halo is formed can be found at the Wikipedia article here.

The image below is available to purchase as a print here.

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Swanning around Westernport Bay

Here are some more images taken at various places around Westernport Bay, Victoria, Australia.
It’s always a lot of fun shooting around here at low tide. The beaches feature a fine grain sticky mud that slowly tries to draw you beneath the surface. With each step that you take you risk losing your footwear. 🙂

Taking long exposures is certainly interesting as the tripod gradually sinks into the silt.
This is just the sort of place where you should take emergency pants in case you unexpectedly sit down in the mud.

The following image was taken at Crib Point beach.

A Walk on the Edge

This image Barnacle Build was shot at Balnarring beach.

The following image The Threat of Punishment was taken at Grantville beach. All of the ground in this shot is mud.

Death by Immersion