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Remnants – a visit to Walhalla cemetery

Graves from the late 1800’s on the sloping grounds of Walhalla cemetery.
Remnants – Walhalla cemetery

Pictured below – The unusual grave of Elizabeth A. Holmes (aged 20 years) and Mary A. Holmes (aged 10 months) who passed away in the 1870’s in Walhalla, Victoria, Australia.
A reflection of tougher times.
Resting Place – Walhalla

Pictured below – Looking down the sloping grounds of the Walhalla cemetery towards the main road below.
On the slopes of Walhalla

The traditional Aussie outdoor dunny.

Image taken at Walhalla fire station, Victoria, Australia.

What more can one say, … a picture says a thousand words.

I used a telephoto lens so I didn’t have to get too close to this one.

Title – Time Machine.