Australian seascape and landscape photography

Remnants – a visit to Walhalla cemetery

Graves from the late 1800’s on the sloping grounds of Walhalla cemetery.
Remnants – Walhalla cemetery

Pictured below – The unusual grave of Elizabeth A. Holmes (aged 20 years) and Mary A. Holmes (aged 10 months) who passed away in the 1870’s in Walhalla, Victoria, Australia.
A reflection of tougher times.
Resting Place – Walhalla

Pictured below – Looking down the sloping grounds of the Walhalla cemetery towards the main road below.
On the slopes of Walhalla

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  1. Hi Jim. I have started a new blog which is about cemetery renewal at Karrakatta cemetery in Perth WA. It is supplementary to a Facebook group called Saving Family Headstones at Karrakatta. Would it be OK with you if I reblogged this post to our blog ? Reblogging does not change the author or the link, it is a Link back to this blog. I want to make a post about how worthwhile it can be to visit cemeteries and come across old gravestones and remember the people buried there. Karrakatta seems keen to produce a delightful park uncluttered by Headstones.

    September 14, 2017 at 7:21 am

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