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Corinella Barge Landing

The French Island to Corinella Barge traverses a narrow section of Western Port Bay carrying vehicles and passengers back and forth between the island and mainland.

Pictured below is a long exposure image of the Corinella Barge landing area as sunset approaches.   The image is available to purchase as print here.

jim worrall, Corinella, barge, seascape, long exposure, Western Port Bay

Tech stuff – 30 sec, f/11, ISO200, 10 stop solid + 4 stop soft grad filters.



Corinella Sunset

Corinella Sunset - Jim Worrall - Western Port Bay - Australia

Sunset at Corinella. Taken near the French island ferry docking point.

The Docking Station – Corinella

A high tide view of the docking station at Corinella. This is where the French Island barge docks to transfer vehicles and passengers to and from the mainland.

Docking Station - Corinella - French Island - Jim Worrall - Western Port Bay

Below – Old Man of the Sea, an old mangrove tree just a stone’s throw away from the docking station.

Old Man of the Sea - Corinella - Western Port Bay - Jim Worrall - mangrove

By the Seaside – Tooradin and Corinella

Following are some images from the shores of Westernport Bay.

Pictured below – The Journey Home, seagulls at the Tooradin foreshore take off en masse as the day gives way to night.
The Journey Home - Jim Worrall - Tooradin - Australia

Below – Corinella Sunset, a series of “God beams” appear from behind a cloud as the sun sets at Corinella pier. These “God beams” are also known as crepuscular rays and are explained at Wikipedia here.
Corinella Sunset - Jim Worrall - god beams appear from behind a cloud

Below – The Living Jetty.
At Corinella a jetty platform disappears below the surface during a king tide.
The local sea birds take advantage of the exposed posts by using them as a safe roost.
The Living Jetty - Jim Worrall - Corinella - Australia

Below – The best position for overseeing the activities at the Corinella jetty area.
Corinella jetty - Jim Worrall - Corinella - Australia

Chopsticks at Corinella

An excursion to Corinella revealed “the chopsticks”, large angled posts planted in the muddy sea bed. Remnants of some past structure.
Pictured below – “Chopsticks 1” available as a print here.
Chopsticks 1 - Corinella - Jim Worrall

Pictured below – “Trio” available as a print here.
Trio - Corinella - Jim Worrall

Below – To give some sense of scale I planted myself in this shot, …and it certainly wasn’t easy holding myself still in this position for the long exposure. 🙂
Corinella - Jim Worrall

Below – A view of the beach on the south-west facing side of Corinella.
Corinella - Jim Worrall