Australian seascape and landscape photography


Southern Rendezvous

A six minute exposure taken at night, aperture f11, iso 100 on Blairgowrie beach.
The long exposure reveals the apparent path of objects around the south celestial pole and also transforms the motion of the rough ocean waves into a soft mist.


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Space Time in Reflection

An HDR seascape sunset taken at Blairgowrie ocean beach.

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Fire on the Bridge

A sunset on Blairgowrie beach.
This shot is an HDR image made from 3 exposures blended together in “Dynamic Photo HDR” software.

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The Grasp of Her Shadows

A monochrome seascape shot taken just before sunset at Blairgowrie beach, Australia.
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A Trick of Time

A sunset seascape at Blairgowrie beach, Australia.

The Reign of the Tranquil – night photography

This shot was taken at one of the many wonderful beaches along the Mornington Peninsula, Australia.
It’s a long exposure taken at night looking out at the ocean.
The long exposure smooths out the motion of the oceans rough surface giving it the appearance of a gentle mist. The rocks sticking out of the mist provide a nice contrast of texture.
The reflection of the rocks in the foreground water provides some additional interest.
The background light comes from the sun which long ago dropped below the horizon. When looking through the viewfinder this glow isn’t visible to the naked eye but the camera’s long exposure picks it up without much trouble.

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Burst on High


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Light’s long Tightrope

A night on Blairgowrie beach.

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Sisters Three

Night time on Blairgowrie beach.
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Time’s Reflection

The silhouette of a rock at Blairgowrie beach partially hides the setting sun.


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The Time of Two Minds

A long exposure shot taken early in the morning.

Title – The Time of Two Minds

The Sparkle of Life.

In every nook and cranny there exists life in some form.

Title – The Sparkle of Life.

Gliding on a carpet of green.

Photos from the rocky plateaus of Blairgowrie.    The plateaus are covered by bright green seaweed and exposed for exploration during lowtide.  One misplaced foot and you’re face down in the slimy stuff

The photos are HDR images generated from 3 exposures, 1 stop apart.

Title – Path to the Sirens.

Title – Shepherd of the Green.

Title – Solstice.

Primordial Dawn, ….and Third Planet.

Some long exposures taken well before dawn.  It was extremely dark looking through the viewfinder so some guesswork was involved with the composition of these.
Note that the violent crashing waves of the ocean appear as a gentle mist due to the long exposure time. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to capture the stars in the sky due to clouds rolling in just a few minutes before I arrived on location (bugger).

shutter – 180 seconds
aperture – f8
ISO – 400

Title – Primordial Dawn

Title – Third Planet

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Hush, …and Water on Mars.

Some more long exposures taken at night during an almost full moon.

shutter – 120 seconds
aperture – f8
ISO – 400

Title – Hush

Title –  Water on Mars

Plateau’s Whisper

Tidal mini waterfalls flow over the edges of the rocky plateau returning the water to the ocean.
Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsula National Park.

Mind Space – night photography

A long exposure taken at Blairgowrie beach at night.

shutter – 2 minutes
aperture – f8
ISO – 400
Lighting provided by an almost full moon.

Lions of the Night

I’ve found my new love, ……and she is long exposure night photography.

shutter speed – 2 min
aperture – f8
iso – 400

Mini coastal waterfalls – low tide at Blairgowrie.

Title – The Captain’s Curse
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Title – Oasis
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100 miles to You – a Blairgowrie seascape.

100 miles to You – is available to purchase as a print or view larger here

Thunder and halos at Blairgowrie ocean beach.

The return to Blairgowrie beach was everything I could hope for. I timed the visit to coincide with the low tide late in the afternoon, and as a bonus a thunderstorm happened to roll in off the ocean with a vengeance.

As I stood exposed on the beach to take this photo I was reminded of what a precarious situation this was. There were occasional bursts of lightning coming from the low dark clouds striking the water. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture a lightning strike with the camera but the view of the clouds was magnificent.

Thor’s fury

As the main part of the storm passed over head the rain poured down heavily and I managed to shelter my camera gear and most of my body by huddling against a large rock. As the rain began to ease gaps appeared in the clouds allowing scattered sunlight through creating wonderful light shows including halos and misty streaks.

Tempest over the ocean


View from the rocks

Changing conditions

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