Australian seascape and landscape photography

The Flinders Pier Excursion.

Images from a recent trip to Flinders with friends Christine Wilson and Caroline Gorka.
The objective for the afternoon was to capture some images of the old wooden pier before it’s replaced by the concrete monster that’s currently being constructed right next to it.
As usual I became distracted.

Below – “IiN” some ghostly remains from further along the beach.
IiN - Flinders beach - Jim Worrall

Flinders beach - Jim Worrall - Morington peninsula

Below – “Flinders Point” just around the corner from the calm harbor area there’s a lot more ocean wave activity.
There were waves crashing all over the place here but the long exposure makes it look deceptively calm.
Flinders Point - Jim Worrall - Mornington Peninsula

Below – “Flinders Back-Beach” near the blow hole area. Stop giggling, that’s what it’s called !!
Flinders Back-Beach - Jim Worrall - Mornington Peninsula

Flinders - Jim Worrall - Morington Peninsula

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