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Warneet Doorway Sunset

A view of the sun setting through the shed doorway at the entrance to Warneet North Jetty.

jim worrall, warneet north, jetty, sunset, doorway

Warneet Sunset

Sometimes we don’t realize what we have until we view it through different eyes.

Warneet sunset 10-04-16
Tech stuff – 60 secs @ f/16,  10 stop solid ND + 4 stop soft grad.

Jim Worrall, western port bay, sunset, long exposure, ND filters

Downtime – a relaxing afternoon at Warneet

I have mixed feelings about the changes being made to the coastal village of Warneet.
Many of the grand old pine trees along the beachfront have been cut down and it appears that the main dirt roads are being surfaced. Progress, …..I guess.

Pictured below – Downtime – An iconic landmark (watermark) at Warneet coastal reserve.

Downtime - Warneet - boat - Jim Worrall - Australia - travel

Pictured below – some of the locals.

Warneet - gulls - Jim Worrall

Warneet - pelican - Jim Worrall

The Promise of Summer

This image was taken at Warneet coastal reserve using the Panasonic Lumix LX3 compact camera.
This has been my favorite compact camera so far, ….it’s a real “photographers camera” allowing full manual control of all the bells and whistles that one could want.
I’ve just updated my LX3 to a new firmware version (V2.1) and all seems to be well at this stage.
Apparently version 2.0 had a bug or two and was removed from the Panasonic site and has resurfaced as version 2.1.

The Promise of Summer

Sunset at Warneet Coastal Reserve

Title – Remnant

Title – Life in the Dreamspace