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The Chill of Winter – Koonya Beach

Winter has suddenly struck with a vengeance in Melbourne and it’s surrounding areas.
The reduced temperature of the Bass Strait water combined with chilling winter winds now makes wide-angle shooting amongst the crashing surf fairly unbearable.

On my most recent trip to Koonya beach, the chill of the winter water running across my lower legs caused my teeth to ache, ….well almost. 😉

Below – Woolly and Wild – wild winter conditions at Koonya beach, Blairgowrie.
Woolly and Wild - Koonya beach - Blairgowrie - Jim Worrall - Australia

Until the weather warms up a little I’ll be using the mid-range zoom in an effort to keep my feet drier and warmer.
No more long exposures standing in the surf, …..bbrrrrrrr !!
Winter at Koonya - Blairgowrie - Jim Worrall - Australia

Sadly, when I was just about to publish this post I learned that my mother in-law has passed away after a prolonged struggle with illness. You’ll be deeply missed by us all Margaret. Rest in peace. 😦
Jean Margaret Tocknell