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Sorrento to Queenscliff

The day started out well with brunch in Sorrento at the Buckley’s Chance restaurant with friends Christine and Caroline.
After being suitably fueled by brunch we strolled to the other end of town and boarded the Sorrento-Queenscliff Ferry for the short trip across the mouth of Port Phillip Bay to Queenscliff.
On arrival we departed the ferry to see what photographic treasures we could find along the beach.

Pictured below – Queenscliff Pier, shot in the early afternoon using an ND400 filter to extend the exposure time and soften the waves.
Queenscliff Pier - Jim Worrall - Australia - ND400 - long exposure

Pictured below – Evidence of Dredge, a pipeline from the offshore dredger snakes it way past heavy posts buried in the sand at the shoreline. The waves softened to a mist by the use of long exposure time.
Evidence of Dredge - Queenscliff - Jim Worrall - ND400 - long exposure

Pictured below, an unusual long exposure action shot of the ferry departing the Queenscliff beach on one of it’s many return journeys to Sorrento.
Queenscliff-Sorrento Ferry - long exposure - Jim Worrall - ND400

Pictured below – Caroline and Chris explore the beach with a ship load of onlookers viewing from the top deck of the ferry.
Ferry Queenscliff - Jim Worrall

The bollard, the boat, the buoy and the beginning of a rainbow.

Saturday’s excursion was down towards the pointy end of the Mornington Peninsula.
After a hearty lunch of fish ‘n chips on Dromana beach, it was off to Sorrento for a cappuccino and also check out the surf conditions on the ocean side.
On arrival at the back-beach the surf was violent and unruly, fueled by a ferocious onshore wind.
I’ve tried to capture long exposure images under these conditions a couple of times before and come away from the experience with disappointing results. A howling wind always manages to soften my long exposure images regardless of tripod technique.

With this in mind I resigned myself to exploring the calmer more docile side of Sorrento, the bay side. The view from the beach here was quite nice with small boats bobbing and wobbling around in the water. I took a few shots of the little boats but couldn’t find anything particularly satisfying so I moved my attention to the huge bollards near the pier.

Pictured below – Bollard.
Bollard - Sorrento - Jim Worrall - seascape - Australia - black and white
Above – In this image the huge concrete bollard remains motionless whilst surrounded by the blurred movement of waves on the water. It’s nearby neighbors, the boat and the buoy wobble and rock in compliance with the waves. I used a high key effect to eliminate some distracting elements from the background. Both ND400 and ND8 neutral density filters were attached to the lens to achieve the desired long exposure under fairly bright conditions.

Pictured below – The Sorrento Bollards.
The Sorrento Bollards - Jim Worrall - Australia - seascape - black and white
Above – The massive bollards are used to assist with holding the Queenscliff-Sorrento ferry in place at the pier during the exchange of passengers and cars.

After shooting the bollards, mother nature tried to grow me a rainbow. The left and right ends of the rainbow were developing nicely and gradually growing skywards then suddenly fizzled into nothingness.

Pictured below – the left end of the incomplete rainbow.
Left end of the Rainbow - Jim Worrall - Sorrento - Australia

Pictured below – the right end of the incomplete rainbow.
The Right End of the Rainbow - Jim Worrall - Sorrento - Australia