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Cape Liptrap – the Lighthouse and Beach

Exploring Cape Liptrap turned out to be one of the most physically punishing excursions of recent times. The excitement of climbing up and down steep coastlines and rock hopping around the breaking surf tends to distract one from the punishment that the old leg muscles are receiving.
As I write this blog post, three whole days have passed since the excursion and my legs are still a bit wonky. 🙂

Pictured below – A long exposure black and white image of Cape Liptrap Lighthouse.
On the day we visited the cape, mother nature provided us with a sky full of interesting fast moving cloud, great for long exposure work.
If you’d like to see an alternative colour version you can see one here.
Cape Liptrap Lighthouse - Jim Worrall - Australia

Pictured below – Cape Liptrap lighthouse captured with a 10-20mm wide angle lens. When I was processing the image I initially corrected the wide angle image distortion but then the image seemed to lose something so i decided to leave the distortion in.
Cape Liptrap Lighthouse - Jim Worrall - Australia

Pictured below – A long exposure image of surf crashing onto rocks along a section of the Cape Liptrap coastline.
Cape Liptrap beach - Jim Worrall

Pictured below – A view from along the west coast of Cape Liptrap.
Cape Liptrap - along the west coast - Jim Worrall

And now for some snapshots –

John sitting on the cliff contemplating his next shot.
John Nabben on cliff at Cape Liptrap

Me sitting on the cliff overlooking the pointy end of Cape Liptrap.
Jim Worrall on cliff at Cape Liptrap

CSI officer John investigating the mortal remains of unspecified creature.
John Nabben at Cape Liptrap

Me struggling up the steep banks of the coastline at Cape Liptrap.
Jim Worrall at Cape Liptrap

To the tip of Cape Liptrap

Cape Liptrap is located on Victoria’s south east coastline overlooking Bass Strait.
On the high ground just back from the pointy end of the cape sits the Cape Liptrap lighthouse.

Below – “Warrior of the Dark” available as a print here.
Warrior of the Dark - Cape Liptrap lighthouse - Jim Worrall

Below – “Night’s Witness” is available as a print here.
Night's Witness - Cape Liptrap Lighthouse - Jim Worrall

If you enjoy real excitement, and don’t mind a bit of exercise, it’s worthwhile to jump the fence at the lighthouse and walk/slide your way out to the pointed cliff.
Peering over the edge of the cliff you’re greeted by an amazing rockscape being pounded by the violent waves of Bass Strait. The scene is captivating but I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a real fear of heights.

Below “Vertigo – Over the Edge” available as a print here.
Vertigo - Over the Edge - Cape Liptrap - Jim Worrall

Below – a friend perched on the edge of the cliff enjoying the scenery and of course taking some shots.
Tip of Cape Liptrap - Jim Worrall