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The Blowhole Track – Flinders Back Beach

A series of long exposure images from The Blowhole Track at Flinders back beach on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula..

Smooth Sailing.
360 sec f/8 iso 200
Jim Worrall, Flinders, Mornington Peninsula

Flinders Back Beach.
30 secs f/14 iso100
Jim Worrall, Blowhole Track, Mornington Peninsula

The Blowhole Track – Flinders.
20 secs f/11 iso100
Jim Worrall, Mornington Peninsula, long exposure, ND400

Following are a couple of shorter exposures –

Flinders Blowhole Track.
1.3 secs f/8 iso100
Jim Worrall, Mornington Peninsula, ND400, long exposure

0.4 sec f/8 iso100
blowhole track, Jim Worrall, Mornington Peninsula