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Shelley beach and Point King – ND group excursion

Last weekend we had our ND group excursion for beginners.  It was a great turnout with lots of enthusiastic people attending.  We started shooting at Bridgewater Bay in Sorrento in very difficult conditions with the wind blowing a continuous mist of fine rain onto our lenses.  I was both surprised and delighted that so many people stayed and had the patience to put up with these conditions, …..such a dedicated bunch.  🙂  Many thanks to Jason Cincotta and Michael Stringer for assisting with so many ND newcomers.

Later we moved onto the front beaches at Point King, Sorrento, followed by Shelley beach, Portsea , both providing us with much more friendly shooting conditions.


Pictured below – Point King jetty.  Tech stuff – 132 secs f/18.  This photo is available to buy as a print in many forms here.

Point King, jetty, Jim Worrall, Mornington Peninsula, Sorrento, long exposure

Pictured below – Shelley beach, Portsea.  Tech stuff – 60 secs f/18.  This photo is available to buy as a print in many forms here.

Shelley beach, Shelly beach, Portsea, Jim Worrall, Mornington Peninsula, jetty, pier, seascape, long exposure, port phillip bay

Pictured below – Shelley beach, Portsea.  Tech stuff – 136 sec f/18. 10 stop ND + 4 stop soft grad.  This photo is available to purchase as a print here.

shelley beach, shelly beach, portsea, jim worrall, mornington peninsula, seascape, long exposure

Pictured below – Most of the crew from the group excursion, Bridgewater Bay.

ND group excursion, bridgewater bay, jim worrall, jason cincotta, michael stringer, mornington peninsula, photo excursion