Australian seascape and landscape photography

Return to Pyramid Rock – Phillip Island

Pyramid Rock is another location I’ve returned to numerous times.  To me it almost looks unreal, like something from a fairy tale.  To visit Pyramid Rock, drive to the car park at the south end of the aptly named Pyramid Rock Rd.  There’s a very civilized boardwalk that takes you to an observation deck for a nice view of the rock and some of the surrounding coastline.

Those who don’t mind a little bit of mountaineering might try for an even closer view by going off the beaten track past the observation deck.  (Although I’m not sure what the park guidelines might say about that.)  😉

Pictured below – A long exposure image of Pyramid Rock.  **Technical stuff – 160 seconds, f/2.8, using an ND400 and ND500 stacked together.**

This image is available to purchase as a print at my Redbubble site.

Jim Worrall, long exposure, seascape,, ND400

Pictured below –   A close-up view of the rock.  What a surreal spot!  🙂

Jim Worrall, Phillip Island, seascape, long exposure

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