Australian seascape and landscape photography

The Digital Photographer and the print.

I suspect I’m just like many other digital photographers. Over a period of time I’ve created several hundred images that I would self indulgently call my “keepers”.
These beauties sit on my laptop with two backup copies of each file stored on two external USB drives, ….one of those drives stored off-site in case of disaster.

I also place many of my images online and make them available for people who might be interested in buying a print or two.

Now despite being surrounded and obsessed with photographic imagery I very seldom print for myself. After all, the images were all there on the computer if I wanted to have a look at them. When I did get some printing done for myself it was often in the form of a cheesy calendar or poster.
With this in mind one of my new year’s resolutions was to do more printing for “ME” and present the prints in the most flattering way, ….and that way being matted and framed.

Prints in Frames - Jim Worrall

So today I went to the trouble of buying some frames and had some large prints made. One at a time I attached each print to the matt then carefully placed them in their frame. After securing the back I would turn each frame over to view the finished result.

OH, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was like the images really came to life within the frames. I was experiencing something emotional from viewing these images that I hadn’t felt before, ….and I was completely sober!. That does it, it’s frames all the way from now on!

Prints in Frames - Jim Worrall

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