Australian seascape and landscape photography

A trip to the Bunyip state park.

Last week I visited the Bunyip state park, located east of Melbourne near Gembrook. The park currently has two apparent roles, one is conservation and the other is recreation. Unfortunately the recreational activities allowed include trail bike and 4WD “bush bashing”.

I recognize that bush bashers need somewhere to go, and I support the idea of providing bushland areas for this sort of recreational use, but it really spoils the bush walk experience when you can hear the drone of trail bike motors in the background for much of the time.

Anyhow, ….now that’s off my chest. My intention was to do a bit of bush walking and hopefully find something photographically interesting along the way. As it turned out there wasn’t a lot to photographically inspire me in that particular section of the park. It’s a beautiful example of typical Victorian bushland, but just not inspiring.

I took this photo along the way. I call it the “Medusa tree” because when I was there it was lit very harshly by the afternoon sun causing great contrast between the lit and shaded areas. The branches snaked out in all directions and reminded me of the classical Medusa head with snakes attached. Hmmmmm, ……maybe it was the hot sun baking my brain, ……but that’s how it seemed at the time. 😉

Medusa tree

On the way back home from the Bunyip state park I passed through the Gembrook area and came upon a beautiful farmed valley with a creek flowing it. Here’s a piece of it now.

Gembrook valley

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